April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Environmental Visionaries Push for Distinct Ecological Planning

TULUM, Mexico – In an effort to shape the Local Ecological Ordinance Program (POEL), the Tulum College of Engineers and Architects, led by Jesús Hernández Valencia, advocates for the separation of this instrument from regulations related to urban development.

Hernández Valencia emphasized the importance of keeping the POEL, which encompasses all aspects of local ecological planning, distinct from regulations governing urban development. This distinction is aimed at avoiding a repeat of the previous Municipal Program for Territorial and Ecological Planning and Sustainable Urban Development (PMOTEDUS), which combined these regulatory areas. However, with the approval of reforms to the Quintana Roo Human Settlements, Territorial Planning, and Urban Development Law on August 17th, the two areas are now separated by their respective regulations.

Tulum's Environmental Visionaries Push for Distinct Ecological Planning

“The separation of environmental and urban development issues is what we are safeguarding. We want to ensure environmental sustainability without unwanted impacts. Like other sectors, we are ensuring that there is no overlap, allowing each aspect, environmental and urban, to be respected separately,” he stressed.

Hernández Valencia reminded us that the POEL is an existing instrument, similar to the PDUs of the Cancún-Tulum tourist corridor. However, in the previous administration, the PMOTEDUS was created, which amalgamated these guiding principles for Tulum’s development, resulting in controversies and uncertainties for investors.

He mentioned that recently, the second workshop meeting took place, held publicly to encourage participation from all sectors, including ejidos, ecotourism entities, colleges, and civil associations. These groups have put forth several observations. He noted that another public meeting is needed to continue shaping the POEL.

Tulum's Environmental Visionaries Push for Distinct Ecological Planning

Hernández Valencia explained that, like other involved sectors, their participation involves reviewing, verifying, and contributing ideas to all the reforms or approvals made to the POEL, with a focus on the municipality’s planning and sustainability. He emphasized that they are vigilant about preventing land use in low-density areas and are determined to avoid the mistakes made with the PMOTEDUS.


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