May 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Call for Immediate Sargassum Barriers

TULUM, México —The year 2024 has seen a noticeable decline in the influx of sargassum along the shores of Tulum, eliciting a sigh of relief from many in the local tourism industry. However, seasoned workers stress the importance of the Mexican Navy’s timely placement of marine barriers to avert potential disruptions.

Alonso Gutiérrez, a boatman operating in Santa Fe Beach within the Tulum National Park, emphasized the need for these structures to be erected at the year’s onset. He noted that the sargassum phenomenon typically advances its arrival to January or February, contrasting with instances where barrier installations are scheduled for March, often resulting in deployment delays extending beyond the first half of the year.

Gutiérrez highlighted a recent uptick in sargassum sightings along the Caribbean coast, urging swift governmental action. “The sargassum is already here, yet the barriers are nowhere in sight. While the government may be monitoring current systems, the lack of communication regarding deployment dates is concerning,” he expressed.

Tulum's Call for Immediate Sargassum Barriers

Similarly, Saúl Canseco, a professional waiter, acknowledged the comparatively minimal impact of sargassum this year. He commended the continuous efforts of authorities at all levels of governance in mitigating the seaweed’s limited incursion into the area.

However, Canseco underscored the necessity of early barrier placement, citing its efficacy in preserving the region’s tourism sector without detriment to marine life. “It’s imperative to recognize the earlier arrival of sargassum. Installing barriers sooner would streamline cleanup efforts, ensuring our beaches maintain their pristine allure,” he emphasized.

While the reduced sargassum presence offers temporary respite, the consensus among local stakeholders underscores the need for proactive measures to safeguard Tulum’s coastal integrity and tourist appeal.


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