April 6, 2024
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Tulum strives to obtain “Platinum Beach” certification for Mezzanine

The municipality of Tulum, in collaboration with businessmen and civil organizations, is working hard to have Mezzanine beach join the three beaches currently certified with “Playa Platino”: Santa Fe, Maya and Pescadores. The “Playa Platino” certification is a recognition of the efforts to keep the beaches clean, safe and offering an exceptional natural experience.

Tulum strives to obtain

The director of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone of Tulum, Melitón González Pérez, announced that efforts have been intensified to obtain the “Platinum Beach 2023” certification for Mezzanine. On January 28, in commemoration of Biologist’s Day, clean-up activities were carried out with the participation of civil organizations, hoteliers, schools and the municipal government. Zofemat-Tulum was in charge of cleaning the beaches near Hotel Ikal and installed the Platinum flags on the beaches already certified.

Tulum strives to obtain

At the end of the event, recognition was given to the participants, including collaborators of the Ahau Collection, Villa Pescadores, Pancho Villa, Ikal Hotels; as well as the Eukariota association, City Hall staff and the Tulum Circula recycling center, for their dedication and efforts in achieving this certification.


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