Transforming Waste into Resources in Tulum's Golf Championship

June 17, 2024
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Transforming Waste into Resources in Tulum's Golf Championship

Transforming Waste into Resources in Tulum’s Golf Championship

Tulum Country Club's innovative program repurposed 120m² of banners from a golf tournament into reusable sacks, promoting sustainability and marine conservation.
Transforming Waste into Resources in Tulum's Golf Championship

TULUM, México – In a commendable effort to promote environmental sustainability, Grupo Piñero’s “Somos Ecoistas” initiative has spearheaded several impactful projects in Tulum. Among these, the Tulum Country Club’s recent implementation of the “Recicla lo que puedas” program stands out, demonstrating innovative strategies for material reuse. This program is particularly notable for its creative approach to repurposing advertising materials from the “Bupa Championship at Tulum 2024,” held at PGA Riviera Maya.

The initiative, aligned with the global fight against marine pollution and promoting a circular economy, transformed 120 square meters of advertising banners into reusable sacks. This transformation was made possible through the support and collaboration with the environmental management team from the collective @lamercedrecreativa, where local communities skilled in industrial sewing played a pivotal role.

Transforming Waste into Resources in Tulum's Golf Championship

Rodrigo Padilla, the Communications and Institutional Relations Officer at Tulum Country Club, emphasized the club’s commitment to circular economies. He stated, “At Tulum Country Club, we aim to engage in circular economies, production, and consumption models that prioritize renewing, reusing, and recycling existing materials and products as much as possible. By doing so, the life cycle of products is extended, reducing waste and environmental pollution.”

The 120 square meters of reused banners were converted into 24 sacks (each measuring 60 meters in length and 2 meters in height). These sacks were distributed as follows:

  • 5 sacks were given to the Eco-Bahía Foundation.
  • 9 sacks were allocated for golf course use.
  • 10 sacks were designated for gardening purposes.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

The Tulum Country Club’s efforts to distribute these sacks to various divisions symbolize a significant step towards eliminating single-use plastics. This initiative coincides with the alarming reality that millions of plastic fragments pollute our oceans, severely impacting marine wildlife and ecosystems.

Transforming Waste into Resources in Tulum's Golf Championship

On May 25th, a special cleanup event was held under Eco-Bahía’s “SAK Program,” where 80 environmental ambassadors from Tulum Country Club, Bahia Principe Hotels, Zofemat, DIF Nacional (Campamento Playa Aventuras DIF), students and teachers from the International German School, and local parents participated. During this event, diverse marine debris, including cans, PET bottles, glass bottles, bottle caps, clothing, styrofoam, diapers, plastic bags, and cigarette butts, was collected using the donated sacks from Tulum Country Club.

Mercedes Guzmán, the founder of @lamercedrecreativa, alongside Mrs. Esperanza, the leader of an industrial sewing training program, played crucial roles in crafting the reusable sacks from the sports advertising banners used during the “Bupa Championship at Tulum 2024.” This initiative enhances local skills and raises awareness about reducing the impact of single-use plastics.

Transforming Waste into Resources in Tulum's Golf Championship

Yuritzi Espino, the manager of Eco-Bahía, commented on the collaboration’s success, stating, “The partnership with Tulum Country Club and the repurposing of advertising banners into reusable sacks has been a great success. These actions enable us to conduct our beach cleanup days more efficiently and sustainably. This initiative helps clean our beaches and educates the community about the importance of rethinking our consumption to reduce single-use plastics.”

Eco-Bahía and its “SAK Program” continue to contribute directly to preserving local coastal ecosystems and protecting marine life. The Eco-Bahía Foundation invites the community to join their commitment to environmental education and conservation. Contributions to this noble cause can be made through donations at Every contribution makes a difference in preserving our beautiful planet.

By Lorena Herrasti.

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