April 6, 2024
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The Eco-Initiative Reshaping Tulum’s Future

TULUM, Mexico – A groundbreaking collaboration between AJEMEX, under its “Sporade” brand, and Tulum Sostenible Sociedad Cooperativa has birthed the “Segunda fase Puntos Limpios,” an initiative poised to revolutionize waste management in Tulum. The program’s inauguration on October 2nd in Quintana Roo unveiled numerous strategies aimed at empowering residents in the targeted colonies, fostering their active engagement in waste collection management.

The inaugural phase of the “Programa Puntos Limpios” primarily concentrated on establishing temporary collection points across 12 colonies within Tulum’s municipal center. Alongside this, extensive training sessions were conducted, educating the local populace on the proper segregation of diverse waste categories, spanning from cardboard, paper, aluminum, and metals to Tetra Pak, PET, and HDPE plastics.

Moving into its second stage, the initiative endeavors to extend its reach to local public primary and secondary schools. The core objective lies in raising awareness among school communities regarding the crucial importance of aptly managing recyclable and valuable waste materials.

The Eco-Initiative Reshaping Tulum's Future

This educational program, scheduled to span an entire academic year, will incorporate both theoretical and hands-on activities meticulously designed to encourage waste separation within households and heighten sensitivity to local ecosystems. Backed by sponsors such as AJEMEX, this phase is anticipated to impact roughly 10,000 residents and around 7,000 students within local schools.

“Programa Puntos Limpios Tulum,” a cornerstone in fortifying tourism in the Mexican Caribbean, as asserted by Cristina Loya, AJEMEX’s Head of Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, seeks not only to beautify the urban environment but also to safeguard the aquifer and local ecosystems. This commitment underscores the vital role of collaborative efforts between various entities—AJEMEX, Tulum Sostenible S.C., alongside other private enterprises like FEMSA and TETRA PAK—illuminating the shared responsibility of waste management and environmental care.

The Eco-Initiative Reshaping Tulum's Future

Loya emphasized the enduring support for sustainable initiatives and expressed gratitude for collaborating with Fundación Tulum and other allies in this joint endeavor involving civil society and private initiatives. Additionally, she highlighted the “Programa Puntos Limpios Tulum” commitment to fostering partnerships across diverse sectors and actively promoting the program across media and platforms, aiming for comprehensive municipal waste management and proper handling of recyclable waste.

This endeavor gains amplified significance considering the diverse Caribbean ecosystems—spanning from the mid-forests, wetlands, coastal dune vegetation, and beaches, to cenotes—that house a plethora of representative flora and fauna species, demanding meticulous care to preserve their unique biodiversity and natural beauty.


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