April 6, 2024
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Over 12,000 Tons of Sargassum Harvested in Current Year

In a remarkable effort to combat the persistent issue of sargassum seaweed in Mexico’s Quintana Roo region, the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) has achieved an unprecedented milestone in 2023. Under the leadership of José Rafael Ojeda Durán, the head of the department, a staggering 12,650 metric tons of sargassum have been collected from the pristine waters of Quintana Roo. This momentous achievement was recently announced during President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s morning press conference, held at the distinguished Palacio Nacional.

The scale of the operation, aptly named the “Sargassum Operation,” is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Semar’s relentless dedication to combating this ecological threat involves an intricate network of resources, including 12 specialized sargassum-collecting vessels and an impressive deployment of 9,050 meters of barriers strategically positioned across the affected areas. The operation extends its support to six municipalities in Quintana Roo, working tirelessly to mitigate the damaging impact of sargassum on the region’s delicate marine ecosystems.

With a team of 950 personnel and the assistance of 16 smaller vessels, the Sargassum Operation has reported an astounding collection of 1,600 metric tons of sargassum during the most recent period, spanning from May 30th to June 12th. The dedication and tireless efforts of these individuals have undoubtedly played a significant role in achieving such remarkable results.

Over 12,000 Tons of Sargassum Harvested in Current Year

To address the specific needs of each municipality, the Secretariat of the Navy has undertaken a meticulously planned approach. Among the notable measures announced by Semar was the installation of 9,059 meters of anti-sargassum barriers. This comprehensive effort includes the deployment of 1,850 meters of barriers in Othon P. Blanco, 2,400 meters in Puerto Morelos, 2,500 meters in Solidaridad, and 2,300 meters in Tulum. These barriers serve as a crucial line of defense, effectively preventing sargassum from reaching the pristine shorelines and preserving the natural beauty of the region.

The sargassum vessels, strategically stationed throughout Quintana Roo, act as vigilant guardians against this relentless adversary. Currently, two vessels are anchored in Cancun, two in Puerto Morelos, two in Solidaridad, three in Othon P. Blanco, one in Isla Mujeres, and one in Tulum. These vessels stand ready to mobilize, swiftly responding to any sightings of sargassum, thus minimizing its impact on the region’s renowned beaches and vibrant tourism industry.

The battle against sargassum is an ongoing struggle, requiring continuous dedication and innovative solutions. As the Secretariat of the Navy continues to wage this ecological war, it is imperative for individuals, communities, and organizations to unite in their efforts. Together, they can support Semar’s noble cause by raising awareness, promoting sustainable practices, and actively participating in initiatives aimed at preserving Quintana Roo’s invaluable marine ecosystems.


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