April 6, 2024
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Join Forces with Eco-Bahia Foundation to Protect Marine Life from Waste

In a remarkable display of environmental stewardship, the Eco-Bahia Foundation proudly announces its highly successful endeavors during the first half of 2023 through the implementation of its groundbreaking “Sak Program” focused on marine waste cleanup. This ambitious initiative has yielded impressive results, with a total of 269.95 kilograms of marine debris and 536 kilograms of waste from cenotes and caves in the region collected.

Since its inception in 1973, World Environment Day has emerged as the preeminent global platform for promoting environmental consciousness. Orchestrated under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), this annual event has gained tremendous traction worldwide. This year, the baton was passed to Costa de Marfil, with the resolute support of the Netherlands, to host World Environment Day 2023. The spotlight shines on the imperative to combat plastic pollution through the resounding campaign aptly named “Plastic-Free Environment.” This rallying cry serves as a potent reminder of the pivotal role that individual actions play in addressing this pressing issue, as well as the consequential impact of governmental and corporate measures borne out of collective activism.

Join Forces with Eco-Bahia Foundation to Protect Marine Life from Waste

At the vanguard of the fight against marine waste, the Eco-Bahia Foundation has undertaken the momentous task of meticulously cleansing the beaches, particularly the coastal areas, and cenotes of the Riviera Maya through its remarkable Sak Program. Inspired by the Mayan word denoting clarity, cleanliness, and the break of dawn, this initiative encapsulates the foundation’s tireless commitment to safeguarding our oceans. The first half of 2023 witnessed a powerful collaborative effort, with invaluable contributions from esteemed partners such as Cenotes Urbanos, Eco-Caribe, Centro Ecológico Akumal (CEA), the dedicated volunteers of Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Resort, and the invaluable support of Scuba Quatic in conducting underwater cleanups.

The significance of each cleanup expedition is fortified by the partnership forged with World Clean Up Day and Ocean Conservancy. These esteemed organizations lend their unwavering support, championing the noble cause espoused by the Eco-Bahia Foundation.

Join Forces with Eco-Bahia Foundation to Protect Marine Life from Waste

Yuritzi Espino, the esteemed Manager of the Eco-Bahia Foundation, expressed profound concern over the devastating impact of plastic waste on marine life. Espino asserts that the foundation’s continuous efforts in addressing this issue stand as a vital stride towards protecting oceanic ecosystems and the livelihoods intricately interwoven within their delicate fabric. The urgent need to redefine our relationship with waste—rethinking, reusing, and ensuring proper disposal—resonates as an irrefutable necessity. It is only through such concerted actions that the quality of our coastal-marine ecosystems can be enhanced. It is crucial to bear in mind that these ecosystems sustain the food supply for one-third of the global population while playing a pivotal role in the viability of the captivating sun and beach destinations dotting the picturesque Mexican Caribbean.

The restoration and preservation of our beaches and caves necessitate the wholehearted involvement of volunteers. In the preceding year, the Eco-Bahia Foundation, with the assistance of numerous volunteers, successfully retrieved a staggering 704 kilograms of waste from five beaches and two caves.

Join Forces with Eco-Bahia Foundation to Protect Marine Life from Waste

Looking ahead with unwavering determination, the foundation anticipates that the forthcoming semester will witness a seamless continuation of their ardent efforts. They remain resolute in their resolve to safeguard our planet—the singular source of both renewable and non-renewable resources. Through the mindful use of water, space, forests, and wildlife, coupled with an impassioned plea for environmental conservation, they underscore the indispensability of these essential actions.

Join Forces with Eco-Bahia Foundation to Protect Marine Life from Waste

The collective cleaning endeavors spearheaded by the Eco-Bahia Foundation serve a dual purpose. Not only do they ensure the removal of debris from our natural habitats, but they also kindle a profound sense of awareness within the community. These efforts unequivocally underscore the dire consequences of humanity’s actions, shining a light on the pervasive pollution that significantly impairs ecosystems and endangers biodiversity.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the Eco-Bahia Foundation’s mission and the monumental impact of their marine waste cleanup program, the “Sak Program,” we invite you to visit their website at eco-bahia.com.

By Lorena Herrasti


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