April 6, 2024
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Inside Tulum’s Waste Emergency

TULUM, Mexico – The recent inauguration of the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport in Tulum has led to unexpected environmental consequences, particularly in the realm of solid waste management in the region. As the local landfill faced closure, authorities scrambled to find solutions, giving rise to environmental risks and concerns among residents.

The shutdown of Tulum’s landfill has prompted the municipality to seek alternatives for the daily disposal of solid waste. According to internal reports from Public Services, Tulum’s waste is now being transported to the landfill in Playa del Carmen and an impromptu dump near the communities of Macario Gómez and Francisco May Uh in this municipality.

The line of Tulum’s waste collection trucks parked near the IMSS in Playa del Carmen is a visible sign of this emergency measure. While the drivers have not provided statements, sources within the corporation indicate that their assigned task is to transport approximately 200 tons of solid waste daily to the Playa del Carmen landfill, at least for a week.

Inside Tulum's Waste Emergency

Furthermore, a significant amount of solid waste has been accumulating in an area near the communities of Macario Gómez and Francisco May Uh for over 15 days. Through social media, residents have voiced their concern over the pungent odor emanating from this new makeshift dump, which has become unbearable due to its proximity.

Unofficial reports suggest that this new dump is located approximately 10 kilometers from Federal Highway 307, near a dirt road. As of now, no high-ranking authority in Tulum has officially addressed this issue, adding to the growing apprehensions among the population.

Inside Tulum's Waste Emergency

It is crucial to note that municipal authorities had previously warned about the necessity of closing the landfill due to the proximity of the recently inaugurated “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport in Tulum. However, the impromptu waste management approach has triggered environmental issues and disruptions for residents, underscoring the need for a more planned and sustainable waste management strategy in the region.


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