April 6, 2024
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Hidden Threats to Tulum’s Coastal Paradise

TULUM, Mexico – In a call to action aimed at safeguarding the pristine coastal ecosystem of Tulum, local authorities are urging citizens to report cases of alleged pool water discharge by hotels along the coastline into the sea. This practice, which poses a significant threat to the environment, has prompted concerns among environmental conservationists.

Itzel Trujano, the president of the State Committee for the Protection, Conservation, and Management of Sea Turtles, expressed her deep concern about the discharge of pool water into the coastal areas. Trujano emphasized that such discharges could have adverse effects not only on sea turtles but on all marine life. The water from these pools may contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine and flocculants.

“These elements are neither natural nor normal in the sea and can disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem. We need to remain vigilant. All those who have these types of pools must exercise proper control and management of these waste materials and water replacement,” Trujano emphasized.

Hidden Threats to Tulum's Coastal Paradise

Trujano further highlighted that the discharges directly into the sea were contaminating the groundwater, leading to disturbances in the ecosystem’s equilibrium. She stressed that reporting such incidents on social media platforms was not the appropriate course of action. Instead, she encouraged concerned citizens to file formal complaints with regulatory bodies such as the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa).

“It is crucial that all existing regulations are adhered to, and if you are aware of any establishment engaging in these improper practices, you should file the corresponding complaint. Proper reporting does not involve Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. In the case of wildlife, it should be directed to Profepa,” the biologist emphasized.

Trujano underscored that, as responsible citizens, it was our duty to report such incidents through the appropriate channels and institutions if we wish to take action effectively.

Rocío Peralta Galicia, the Head of the Department of Natural Resources at the Department of Environmental Sustainability (DSA) in Tulum, also urged citizens to report such incidents to the local authority. The DSA is responsible for conducting inspections at the sites in question to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Hidden Threats to Tulum's Coastal Paradise

The call for vigilance and proper reporting underscores the commitment of Tulum’s residents and authorities to protect the fragile coastal ecosystem that is not only a natural wonder but also a critical habitat for various forms of marine life. The responsible management of pool water discharge is seen as a vital step toward preserving the pristine beauty of Tulum’s coastal environment.


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