May 6, 2024
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Environmental Advocates Rally Against Tulum Development

TULUM, Mexico – The ongoing construction of the Adamar Solimán development in Bahía Solimán, located in Tulum, persists despite legal injunctions and its proximity to a significant sea turtle nesting area.

Antonella Vázquez Cavedón, a civil association Defending the Right to a Healthy Environment member, revealed that the court-ordered conditions to halt the project due to environmental violations are being disregarded.

“They continue to work, so these lawsuits against Profepa [Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection] are ongoing in different courts, and the authorities deceive the court and allow this construction. They’re already on the fourth floor, concerning both the project’s image and to whom these apartments are being sold,” Antonella Vázquez stated.

Various inspections have been conducted by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), the Tulum municipality, the Secretary of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (Sedetus), and the Quintana Roo Attorney for Environmental Protection. Yet, none have been able to halt the construction located in Tankah IV.

Environmental Advocates Rally Against Tulum Development

“It’s a project advertised as seven stories high, with 24 apartments, on a lot of around 700 square meters. So in January, we filed complaints at the three levels of government, stating that they are commercializing without permits […] on one side, we have a sea turtle nesting area, and on the other, a mangrove,” she added.

At least five injunctions have successfully obtained suspensions, obliging the responsible authorities to cease operations.

This week, it was once again confirmed that work continues despite the environmental organization’s insistence. According to the complainants, the real estate development lacks an Environmental Impact Statement, urban compatibility license, and regular construction permits. They intend to persist in their fight and escalate to higher authorities if necessary.

Expanding upon the provided information, it’s crucial to understand the broader implications of such unchecked development in sensitive ecological zones. Beyond legal ramifications, the Adamar Solimán project underscores a recurring issue in Tulum’s rapid expansion: the clash between development and environmental preservation.

Environmental Advocates Rally Against Tulum Development

Tulum’s allure lies in its pristine natural beauty, drawing tourists and residents seeking an escape from urban chaos. However, unchecked development threatens to erode this allure, jeopardizing delicate ecosystems and indigenous habitats.

The Tankah IV area, where the Adamar Solimán project stands, is emblematic of this struggle. Its proximity to sea turtle nesting grounds and mangrove forests highlights the delicate balance between progress and preservation. As Tulum grapples with burgeoning tourism and real estate demands, finding sustainable solutions becomes paramount.

Efforts to curb unchecked development must go beyond legal battles. They necessitate comprehensive urban planning, environmental impact assessments, and community engagement. Tulum can only safeguard its natural treasures while fostering responsible growth through collaborative action.

The Adamar Solimán saga is a microcosm of Tulum’s more significant development dilemma. It underscores the need for holistic approaches prioritizing environmental conservation and economic prosperity.


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