April 6, 2024
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Eco-Bahía Foundation Joins Global Effort to Clean Tulum’s Beaches

TULUM, Mexico – In commemoration of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, observed every third Saturday of September, the Eco-Bahía Foundation has joined this global cause to raise awareness and sensitize the public about the significance of preserving our marine and coastal ecosystems. This initiative aims to address the alarming issue of beach pollution, which impacts both biodiversity and the quality of life in coastal communities.

Beach pollution can stem from various sources, with the primary culprit being irresponsible human activities. Among the leading contaminants are inorganic waste, plastics, and toxic substances originating from various industries and activities near water bodies.

Eco-Bahía Foundation Joins Global Effort to Clean Tulum's Beaches

Yuritzi Espino, the Manager of the Ecological Foundation, underscores the severity of the situation, stating, “It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. Raising awareness among the population about the importance of caring for the environment and the consequences of human activities on marine ecosystems is our goal, and we aim to continue these worldwide mass campaigns and our ‘Sak Program’ (marine waste cleanup).”

The Eco-Bahía Foundation takes pride in being part of global initiatives like WorldCleanUp and Oceanconservancy.org, which monitor the migration of marine debris. Their cleanup brigade strives to combat waste pollution on beaches and reduce its ecological impact.

Eco-Bahía Foundation Joins Global Effort to Clean Tulum's Beaches

This year, in honor of International Coastal Cleanup Day, the Eco-Bahía Foundation conducted a special cleanup event at Xcacel Beach and the hidden Xcacelito Cenote, collecting a total of 56.02 kilograms of inorganic waste (both recyclable and non-recyclable) and even biohazardous waste.

Collaboration with partner organizations such as Cenotes Urbanos, Flora Fauna y Cultura de México, Scuba Quatic, and EcoCaribe has been instrumental in the success of these initiatives.

Eco-Bahía Foundation Joins Global Effort to Clean Tulum's Beaches

Mexico ranks ninth globally, with 15,257 participants collecting 68,415 kilograms of trash along 310 kilometers of national coastlines. This figure highlights the importance of citizen involvement in preserving our coastal ecosystems.

The Eco-Bahía Foundation calls upon society to join these efforts for the sake of our planet, our only home. Together, we can make a difference and protect our seas and beaches for future generations.

By Lorena Herrasti.


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