Contaminants in Tulum's Waters? Tren Maya Sparks Concerns

July 12, 2024
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Contaminants in Tulum's Waters? Tren Maya Sparks Concerns

Contaminants in Tulum’s Waters? Tren Maya Sparks Concerns

Engineering President warns Tren Maya neglects water risks in Tulum. Contaminants threaten vital aquifers & economy. Urgent need for balanced development.
Contaminants in Tulum's Waters? Tren Maya Sparks Concerns

TULUM, México – In a recent statement to “The Tulum Times,” Eduardo Sánchez Anaya, the President of the Unidad Nacional de Asociaciones de Ingenieros (National Union of Engineers Associations – UNAI), voiced concerns about the potential negative impacts of the Tren Maya project on the southern region. While the project promises various benefits for the area, Sánchez Anaya emphasized the need to prioritize the possible ramifications on the region’s aquifers.

One critical issue raised by Sánchez Anaya is the lack of a comprehensive hydrological mapping in the current construction zones, particularly for bridges and overpasses. This oversight has led to the discharge of contaminants into the aquifers that supply water to the Bacalar Lagoon and local communities.

“The materials used for the railway tracks and the pilings for the overpasses are leaching contaminants into the aquifers, which could adversely affect water quality and odor,” warned Sánchez Anaya.

Contaminants in Tulum's Waters? Tren Maya Sparks Concerns

The UNAI has presented these concerns to the authorities due to the absence of a risk assessment and a lack of a detailed executive plan for the railway project. As a result, areas currently being impacted by pollutants could face severe consequences for their water supply in the future.

Highlighting the importance of the Tren Maya for the economic development of Quintana Roo’s southern region, Sánchez Anaya stressed the necessity of attracting investments that generate employment opportunities and improve local infrastructure and services. He urged businesses to establish themselves primarily near the train stations, stops, and the Tulum airport to maximize the project’s positive impact on the region.

“The Tren Maya holds significant potential for Quintana Roo, but its benefits would be severely limited if we don’t ensure that entrepreneurs invest primarily in areas around the stations, stops, and Tulum airport. The southern region has been neglected for far too long, and we need projects that create jobs,” conveyed Sánchez Anaya, as he revealed discussions with the Governor regarding the need to redirect investments toward the south, as they have predominantly gravitated toward the north.

Contaminants in Tulum's Waters? Tren Maya Sparks Concerns

The current administration must focus on regional economic development, extending beyond the favored northern zone. Special attention should be directed towards Chetumal, an area that has been neglected for too long and requires substantial support for recovery. Sánchez Anaya assured that efforts to attract more investors to this part of the state will persist.

As the Tren Maya project advances, it is crucial for authorities to address these environmental and economic concerns promptly. Balancing development and sustainability will be the key to ensuring a brighter future for the region and its invaluable water resources.

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