Statement of Responsibilities
Statement of Responsibilities

February 20, 2024
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February 20, 2024

Statement of Responsibilities

The entire team of The Tulum Times welcomes you!

Welcome to the esteemed ranks of The Tulum Times, where your valuable contributions, time, expertise, and perspectives are cherished. Your knowledge and opinions hold immense significance to us as we endeavor to deliver captivating content.

This comprehensive statement of responsibilities unveils the minutiae of our collaboration, paving the path to optimal work dynamics. Should you concur, kindly furnish your particulars and append your signature at the form’s denouement.

Rest assured, any queries that arise shall be met with utmost delight in clarifying. Non-compulsory fields may be left vacant at your discretion.

Please complete the form below

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By submitting this form, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions:

• The written content must be 100% original and should not have been previously published in any digital or print media.
• The content of the articles should be relevant to Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico, in any of the available categories on our website.
• The article should have a minimum length of 700 words (ideally between 900 and 1200).
• Please include links only if they are truly relevant to the content.
• The article should be sent in a text document attached to the email or in the body of the email.
• The images in the article should have excellent quality. Minimum 1500 pixels wide at 72 dpi in RGB. They should not be copyrighted. The images should be attached to the email and not embedded in the body of the message, or a download link can be provided. If the images have captions, please send the captions separately indicating which image they belong to.
• The Tulum Times reserves the right to choose the cover image of the article, as well as select the images that will be included in it, and may add new ones or remove some received.
• The Tulum Times reserves the right to modify any content of the article in terms of grammar or wording, as well as reject or delay its incorporation into the online platform.
• The Tulum Times reserves the right to choose the category in which the article will be displayed, as well as modify the title, while respecting the author’s objective and point of view.
• The author always has the right to modify the article at their discretion, as well as to delete it after 180 days from the date of publication.
• The Tulum Times reserves the right to reject any article that it deems inappropriate for publication.
• Articles containing content that incites violence, sexual content, racism, provocation, promotion of the sale of products or services, or promotion of illegal activities or scams will be rejected.
• The author understands that by submitting this content, they do so completely selflessly, and The Tulum Times assumes no responsibility for any monetary compensation.
• The Tulum Times is committed to defending the authorship of the article by its author.
• The Tulum Times waives any responsibility for the consequences arising from the content received by the author and displayed on the digital platform and social media.
• The Tulum Times is committed to protecting the author’s personal information under any circumstances.
Statement of ResponsibilitiesEN