April 6, 2024
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NERDS: The Latin American Nerd Conference Arrives in Tulum

TULUM, México – Let’s make Tulum vibrate with the energy of technology and innovation. On February 9th, the dynamic Selina Tulum Downtown will host the inaugural edition of NERDCONF TULUM, promising a day filled with inspiring discussions and engaging networking opportunities. This event aims to bring together influential figures from various sectors of the tech world, including web2, web3, marketing, project managers, CFOs, CEOs, and many others, marking a significant moment for Tulum’s vibrant tech community.

The lineup for the Tulum edition is particularly impressive, featuring Teresa Castagnino, Head of Forbes Quintana Roo; Elio Tapia, CEO of Qubi, who will delve into the significance of the Web 3 world; and Ken Ramirez, Design Thinker at Komuni, who will share insights on how communities are shaping the future of success. The event will also see participation from the Tulum Crypto Club and the organizers of Tulum Crypto Fest, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of today’s digital landscape.

NERDCONF extends a special invitation to all participants to stay at Selina Tulum Downtown, the official digital nomad hostel for the event. A generous 35% discount is available with the use of the code SELINANERD, encouraging a truly immersive experience for attendees.

NERDS: The Latin American Nerd Conference Arrives in Tulum

Ale Marín, a distinguished content creator, journalist, and co-founder of NERDCONF, emphasizes the unique approach of the conference: “Nerdconf differentiates itself from other events by focusing on the empowerment and connection of the nerd community. We make it a point to engage speakers from the local area to highlight the talent and innovation that thrive here.” Marín, who enjoys a substantial following of over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, is known for her insightful analysis of personalities and cultural phenomena.

One of the cornerstone goals of NERDCONF is to facilitate networking in a way that feels natural and accessible, especially for the typically reserved nerd community. “We make networking easy through games, enabling seamless connections among attendees,” Marín adds, highlighting the event’s commitment to breaking down barriers and democratizing access to information.

A standout feature of NERDCONF is its inclusivity, offering free admission to any interested nerd. The climax of the event is the NERDOS Party, held at the same venue, where participants can unwind and continue making connections in a relaxed setting.

NERDS: The Latin American Nerd Conference Arrives in Tulum

For those eager to partake in this transformative experience, registration is open. This event promises to be a memorable occasion, not just for the insightful discussions and networking opportunities, but also for the chance to immerse oneself in the spirit of innovation and community that defines Tulum. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to embrace your inner nerd and connect with like-minded individuals in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

Stay nerd. Stay cool.

Sign up at this link to get your free ticket: https://tally.so/forms/wgG9AO 


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