May 10, 2024
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Green Future for Tulum Tourism

TULUM, México — As Mexico forges ahead with its ambitious sustainable development projects, Tulum is poised to become a trailblazer. The National Commission for Regulatory Improvement recently unveiled a draft declaring Tulum a Sustainable Tourist Development Zone (ZDTS), a pioneering initiative within the country to harmonize economic growth with environmental stewardship.

This designation signifies a commitment to transform Tulum into an eco-friendly tourist hub. The intent is to preserve and enhance the natural environments that make Tulum a unique destination. The federal Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) defines ZDTS as parts of the national territory that serve as significant tourist attractions due to their natural or cultural attributes. A presidential decree officially designates these zones.

The impending decree, slated for publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation, will encompass approximately 3,486 hectares. This area includes the municipal seat of Tulum and a coastal strip extending 6.9 kilometers, home to a population of 33,428 as per the 2020 Population and Housing Census by INEGI.

Green Future for Tulum Tourism

Tulum’s new status as the first ZDTS in Mexico mandates adopting sustainable tourism practices focusing on green economics. The draft outlines permissible tourist activities and services within Tulum’s ZDTS boundary, provided they comply with applicable environmental legal frameworks.

With the decree’s publication, the government aims to implement policies that foster orderly growth and allocate resources to support sustainability criteria. Alongside Tulum, plans are underway to designate the continental zone of Isla Mujeres as a ZDTS, another rapidly expanding hotel area in Quintana Roo, projected to add 25,000 rooms over the next 15 years.

Establishing a ZDTS in Tulum is expected to serve as a model for other regions, promoting sustainable development practices that can be replicated nationwide. This initiative reflects a broader shift towards sustainability in the tourism sector, a crucial part of Mexico’s economic strategy.

Green Future for Tulum Tourism

The implications of this project extend beyond environmental benefits. Economically, it positions Tulum to attract a niche market of eco-conscious travelers, potentially boosting local businesses and creating jobs. Socially, it promises to enhance the quality of life for residents by preserving their cultural heritage and natural landscapes.

Furthermore, the decree will spur infrastructure improvements and enhance services, preparing Tulum for a sustainable future. This proactive approach to urban and environmental planning could set a new standard for tourist destinations worldwide.

Green Future for Tulum Tourism

In anticipation of the official announcement, local businesses and stakeholders are gearing up to embrace the new regulations. There is a palpable excitement about the potential for sustainable growth, which aligns with the global trend towards more responsible travel.

As it steps into this pioneering role, Tulum faces the challenge of balancing development with conservation. However, the comprehensive planning and community involvement outlined in the decree suggests a promising path forward. This initiative not only marks a significant milestone for Tulum but also positions it as a leader in sustainable tourism on the global stage.


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