Tulum's Horizon Brightens as Tren Maya Approaches

July 25, 2024
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Tulum's Horizon Brightens as Tren Maya Approaches

Tulum’s Horizon Brightens as Tren Maya Approaches

Discover Tren Maya's imminent inauguration, bridging historical roots with modernity as López Obrador ushers Mexico into a new era of travel and connectivity.
Tulum's Horizon Brightens as Tren Maya Approaches

TULUM, Mexico – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took to his social media channels this past Sunday, sharing a captivating video showcasing the journey of several locomotives gliding along the tracks of the transformative Tren Maya. He also reminded his followers that on September 1st, he will embark on the inaugural journey of the Campeche to Quintana Roo stretch, marking a significant milestone for this ambitious rail project.

Just a day earlier, the head of the federal Executive highlighted the substantial progress achieved in sections 1 through 4 of the Tren Maya, proudly stating that these segments have reached a remarkable 90% completion rate.

Mara Lezama, the Governor of Quintana Roo, enthusiastically noted that the synergy between the novel airport terminal and the Tren Maya will play a pivotal role in revitalizing tourism across the southern region of the state. Currently, tourist activity primarily concentrates in Cancún and Playa del Carmen.

The distinguished Tabasco politician is set to present his fifth annual government report from the picturesque Campeche, after which he will embark on the inaugural journey of the Tren Maya’s seventh section. With a mere two weeks until this momentous occasion, the federal leader emphasized that the Tren Maya stands as the centerpiece of an extensive network of complementary projects. These encompass modernized and newly constructed roads, hotels, residences, natural parks, enhanced archaeological zones, tree-planting initiatives, concrete-paved streets, strategically positioned stations, and an integrated public transportation system.

Layda Sansores, the Governor of Campeche, expressed her exhilaration over the imminent launch of the Tren Maya from Campeche, deeming it an epoch-making moment for the state.

“We eagerly await and are filled with excitement as we prepare to board the ‘fire horse’ on its inaugural supervisory journey come September 1st. This will undoubtedly mark a historic moment for Campeche and the South-Southeastern region of our nation,” Sansores articulated.

The Tren Maya Inauguration Date

Tulum's Horizon Brightens as Tren Maya Approaches

Javier May, the director of FONATUR and the mastermind behind the Tren Maya project, took to a video to proudly showcase the advancements in the initial Palenque Chiapas segment. Interestingly, this portion is situated in close proximity to the abode where Andrés Manuel López Obrador will retreat after concluding his six-year term in September 2024.

Javier May, who will soon vacate his position to pursue the Tabasco governorship in 2024, reiterated that the Tren Maya is poised for completion by December of the current year. May also reiterate that Tramo 1 has already seen the conclusion of 185 kilometers of track, the very track that López Obrador himself will traverse on September 1st.

Over the past month, López Obrador has steered his tours towards Mexico’s southeastern region, expediting the priority projects of his administration. The Tren Maya stands out among these initiatives, with López Obrador expressing his satisfaction with the project’s advancement despite various legal challenges.

“Arriving at the impressive sights portrayed in this video required traversing multiple rivers, navigating legal injunctions and pseudo-environmentalists, and resolving social demands. All this, in addition to the dedicated efforts of construction workers, civilians, and military personnel,” López Obrador recounted on August 6th.

“Though it may sound simple, the execution is awe-inspiring and teeming with engineering marvels: track laying, stations, depots, workshops, electrical installations, fiber optics, control centers, roads, wildlife crossings, drainage systems, bridges, tunnels, and over 100 kilometers of viaducts or elevated sections,” the federal leader elaborated.

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