April 6, 2024
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Revolutionary Investment of 28.5 Billion Pesos Powers Up Tren Maya

TULUM, México – In a landmark announcement during President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s morning conference, Manuel Bartlett Díaz, the head of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), revealed an ambitious project accompanying the Tren Maya. The new electrical infrastructure, far beyond merely electrifying the railway tracks, will also supply power to 2.9 million users. With an impressive investment already in progress, totaling 28,528 million pesos, this endeavor promises to revolutionize the electrification of the southeastern region of Mexico.

In a historical first for the country, such a massive investment has been dedicated to electrifying the remote corners of the Mexican southeast. The cornerstone of this initiative involves constructing two state-of-the-art combined cycle power plants in Mérida and Valladolid, Yucatán. These plants are set to produce a staggering 1,519 megawatts and require a substantial investment of 1,216 million dollars, equivalent to 20,528 million pesos. Moreover, this ambitious project will create approximately 1,700 job opportunities and contribute 40 million pesos to social programs, demonstrating its commitment to both economic growth and societal welfare.

Part of this remarkable investment includes the construction of the cutting-edge solar power plant, Nachi Cocom. This solar plant will be instrumental in providing clean and sustainable energy to power the electric train, seamlessly connecting the Tren Maya to the outlying neighborhoods of Mérida.

Revolutionary Investment of 28.5 Billion Pesos Powers Up Tren Maya

Simultaneously, an additional 8,000 million pesos have been allocated for the construction of substations, transmission lines, and distribution systems to electrify the Tren Maya route. This endeavor encompasses 53 infrastructure projects, with 19 already completed in segments 3 and 4. The remaining 34 projects between Cancún and Chetumal are projected to be finished by September of this year.

Once completed, these electrification works will breathe life into 20 Tren Maya stations, 14 stopping points, 8 maintenance bases, and three facilities belonging to the National Defense Secretariat.

Óscar David Lozano Águila, the CEO of Tren Maya, firmly believes that this project will be a pivotal driver of regional development with a profound impact. Beyond creating a multitude of job opportunities, the project has the potential to bolster technological advancements in the southeast, elevating Mexico to the forefront of modern railway systems’ operations.

Recognizing the significance of the expertise required for this endeavor, intensive training and development programs are already underway. Aiming to attract the best professionals in the industry, national and international partnerships have been established with prestigious educational institutions and specialized entities like the National Energy Control Center (Cenace), CFE, and the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).

Revolutionary Investment of 28.5 Billion Pesos Powers Up Tren Maya

Maite Ramos Gómez, the director of Alstom México, emphasized the collaborative spirit and expertise in this project. Mexican engineers, working in tandem with specialists from around the world, have demonstrated remarkable technological prowess. With an emphasis on the advantages of electric trains, such as energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and noise levels, the team at Alstom México has showcased their dedication to a greener and more sustainable future.


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