April 6, 2024
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Environmental Protection at the Heart of Tren Maya’s Phase 5

TULUM, Mexico – Ensuring the preservation of the region’s aquifers and underground rivers remains a top priority in the construction of the fifth phase of the Tren Maya project, which will connect Cancún to Tulum, according to General Óscar David Lozano Águila, the director-general of the Tren Maya company.

During a morning press conference at the National Palace, General Lozano Águila, who heads the newly created company under the jurisdiction of the Mexican Ministry of National Defense, shared insights into the project’s meticulous approach to safeguarding the area’s crucial water resources. He emphasized that significant modifications had been made to the initial project plans, including alterations to the route, to mitigate potential environmental impacts.

With President Andrés Manuel López Obrador currently on a diplomatic mission in South America, General Lozano Águila addressed concerns raised by environmental groups regarding the construction’s impact on the unique karstic soil conditions in the region. He stressed the importance of providing certainty that all necessary measures have been taken to prevent any damage.

Environmental Protection at the Heart of Tren Maya's Phase 5

General Lozano Águila elaborated on the rigorous process applied to the installation of columns and pilings along the entire stretch of the project. Each column undergoes a thorough individualized assessment before drilling begins. The engineering team analyzes the conditions and makes informed decisions about the type of column to be installed to ensure it can support the required capacity and resistance of the railway.

He further reassured that construction activities on both the northern (Cancún-Playa del Carmen) and southern (Playa del Carmen-Tulum) routes of phase 5 are being conducted with utmost care and adherence to stringent criteria. Various construction methods, including elevated viaducts and terraces with concrete coverings, are being employed to minimize the impact on the sensitive landscape.

General Lozano Águila also made a commitment to provide comprehensive updates on the progress of the construction during presidential morning briefings. Gustavo Ricardo Vallejo Suárez, the project manager from the Mexican armed forces, will attend these briefings to provide in-depth insights into the construction process.

Environmental Protection at the Heart of Tren Maya's Phase 5
The Tren Maya is being built over the largest submerged cave system in the world.

“We can delve into the construction process in detail to ensure that you understand the steps taken, from project development to execution, to guarantee the protection of the aquifers,” General Lozano Águila explained. “As an experienced construction engineer, Vallejo Suárez can provide precise information on the measures implemented.”

The Tren Maya project, a significant infrastructure initiative aimed at boosting tourism and economic development in the Yucatan Peninsula, continues to draw attention and scrutiny from environmentalists and experts. The commitment to preserving the region’s unique ecosystems and water resources is paramount as the project moves forward.


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