May 13, 2024
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AMLO Inspects Key Tulum Infrastructure

TULUM, México – Over the weekend, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the progress on the construction and operation of the Maya Train during a private work tour, highlighting significant advancements in the ambitious railway project that spans 1,554 kilometers across seven segments.

Through his social media channels, President López Obrador shared insights into his visits to key locations, including the operational Military Air Base No. 20 of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena), within the Tulum International Airport. His tour underscores a pivotal moment for this transformative infrastructure project slated for completion by August, a month before the end of his administration.

The Maya Train touted as one of the hallmark projects of his term, is poised to enhance connectivity and stimulate economic development throughout the region. The president’s inspection not only reiterates the government’s commitment to timely completion but also showcases the potential benefits to local communities and the broader economy.

AMLO Inspects Key Tulum Infrastructure

During his visit, President López Obrador was accompanied by Quintana Roo Governor María Elena Lezama, who presented him with a symbolic gift—a Maya chess set crafted by artisans from Chetumal. The state governor highlighted this gift, representing the strategic “Game of the Gods,” as a welcoming gesture to the President in his native land.

Also present were key figures such as the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval; the Director General of the Tren Maya State-Owned Enterprise, Oscar David Lozano; and the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, María Luisa Albores. The heads of the Public Administration, Roberto Salcedo Aquino, and of Territorial and Urban Development, Román Meyer, joined them, among various officials and executives from the companies responsible for constructing the final stages of the Maya Train.

Governor Lezama took to social media to emphasize that the weekend marked significant advancements in priority areas crucial for the well-being and development of Quintana Roo. The collaborative presence of such high-profile leaders underscores the project’s importance to the regional agenda and its expected impact on the socio-economic landscape.

AMLO Inspects Key Tulum Infrastructure

The Maya Train project aims to revolutionize transportation in the Yucatán Peninsula, linking significant archaeological sites with modern cities and coastal resorts. This initiative is expected to boost tourism and create economic opportunities by improving accessibility to remote areas, thus fostering a more integrated regional economy.

As the project nears its grand inauguration, anticipation grows among Quintana Roo’s residents and stakeholders. The successful completion of the Maya Train is set to redefine the region’s transportation dynamics and economic prospects, aligning with broader national goals of infrastructure development and social equity.


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