Historic tribute to Marciano Dzul in Tulum: a united people bid farewell to their leader

A visibly shocked crowd paid posthumous tribute to Municipal President Marciano Dzul Caamal, who has left a political and human legacy for his dedication and commitment in favor of his people.

At 8:25 a.m., the coffin of the Mayan leader, followed by his family and friends, arrived at Dos Aguas Park in Tulumán amidst cheers and expressions of sympathy from women and men dressed in white, carrying balloons of the same color with the initials MDC.

There began a state funeral never seen before in Quintana Roo, which was headed by the heads of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, and the members of the City Council of Tulum.

Visibly moved by the expressions of affection for her family, Mrs. Ileana Canul de Dzul addressed her husband, whose funeral honors remained in the center of the precinct where the councilmen and councilwomen held a Solemn Public Session in his honor.

“Marciano, the best husband in the world, the exemplary father, the leader of our municipality, has been my partner, my best friend, my support, my inspiration to give every day the best for my family and for Tulum. Your life is and will always be an example of strength, tenacity, vision and faith, a simple man, without lyrics, that many people looked down on, but that was not limiting, on the contrary, you always proved to be the best. I only have words of gratitude and love for God, our Lord, for having put us on the same path during 13 years of beautiful marriage. With my head held high because everything he did, he did it out of love for his people, he did it out of love for the needy. For you Marciano, my eternal love, this is not a goodbye but a see you later,” said the honorary president of DIF-Tulum.

For her part, Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa shared with the crowd that, in life, Dzul Caamal asked her not to leave his people or forget his people.

“A few days before he was with the Lord, I had the opportunity to speak with him and I keep in my cell phone messages where he practically told us what to do. And what did he tell us? It was very simple, do not leave my people, do not forget my people. He talked to me about many things, he asked me to support Diego, he asked me not to let go of Romy’s hand, not to let go of Silvia’s, to be very close. But he asked me, mainly, for his family and for his people. That was and that is Marciano Dzul: a social fighter with an incredible trajectory who knew that these times of transformation are, in turn, a message of peace and prosperity,” said the governor.

She recognized in Marciano that he was a politician of stature and that his family and work team are prepared to promote a better Tulum.

“I invite you to defend the legacy of Marciano Dzul. The values of institutional respect, dialogue with those who think differently, capacity, honesty, the exercise of power and above all the passionate way of loving Tulum,” emphasized Lezama Espinoza.

At the Governor’s request, Romualda Dzul Caamal took the podium to express her feelings for the legacy that her brother left behind and that today is in the hands of her daughter, Congresswoman Silvia Dzul Sánchez, Ileana Canul de Dzul and her work team.

“All my life I was glued to him. He carried me by inertia because we had love. Out of 9 siblings that we are, he dragged all of us into politics out of love for him. But we didn’t know that he was preparing us to take care of such a great legacy,” she said.

Silvia, Ángel Marciano, Abigail Esmeralda, Perla, Carlos Gerardo, Sol del Rocío, María José, Marciano Benjamín, Dzul Caamal’s children, highlighted their love for their father, whom they remembered for his love, example and dedication.

Ileana Canul, Governor Mara Lezama, Congresswoman Silvia Dzul Sánchez, Congressman Renán Sánchez Tajonar, Presiding Magistrate Heyden José Cebada Rivas and a representative of SEDENA, were the first to stand guard of honor next to the coffin where the mortal remains of Dzul Caamal rest. Likewise, the trustee, the councilors, the municipal presidents, as well as deputies, directors, social leaders, friends and friends did the same.

Amidst the cheers for Dzul Caamal, the crowd gathered around Tulum’s main square asked the political class present to continue working in the direction that their Mayan leader outlined for their community when he took office in 2021.

“The loss of the municipal president has been a hard blow to the community of Tulum, but his legacy and memory will live on in the minds and hearts of the citizens,” expressed Diego Avila Aldana, a resident of the municipality. “He supported sports and we believe that his legacy should continue, he was always a person who looked out for the good of young people, and in Tulum, he was always a person who was characterized by his charisma and love for those most in need.”

Before moving the funeral honors of the mayor to his final resting place, the crowd chanted the cry of struggle that has characterized the Marcianista movement for more than ten years. “Friends, I am from here and I have stamina, and I follow Marciano Dzul everywhere, I follow him with feeling, I follow him with emotion, because I am a Marcianista at heart”.

Three days of mourning declared in Tulum due to death of Mayor Marciano Dzul

The Cabildo of Tulum declared three days of mourning for the death of the municipal president, Marciano Dzul Camal.

The announcement was made this morning in Solemn Session and posthumous tribute that took place this morning in the Dome of Dos Aguas Park in the first square of the city.

In the company of his family, work team, the people of Tulum, state and municipal authorities and friends, tributes and honor guards were paid to bid farewell to Dzul Camal.

“With my heart in my hand, I thank all the signs of affection and affection towards me and my family for the sensitive loss of my father. It is a difficult moment for which no one is prepared, however, he leaves us the consolation of knowing that he is already resting in a better place, and from up there he will continue to watch over us as he always did,” expressed local deputy Silvia Dzul Sánchez.

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