300 kilos of garbage collected in the first cleanup of the year in Tulum's beaches

April 20, 2024
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300 kilos of garbage collected in the first cleanup of the year in Tulum's beaches

300 kilos of garbage collected in the first cleanup of the year in Tulum’s beaches

The first cleaning day of 2023 took place at Santa Fe beach in Tulum National Park (PNT), where more than 50 volunteers participated and as a result, 300 kilos of waste were collected.

Gerardo Nieto, director of the collection center of the Tulum Circula program, explained that in order to keep the beaches of the PNT clean, more than 10 groups collaborated, including environmental organizations, agencies and tourism service providers.

He specified that they carried out this activity last Saturday, January 7, from 11 in the morning until sunset, where what they collected the most was plastic (90 percent) and also glass, textiles, aluminum and even cardboard, both in the sandy areas and within the vegetation.

The interviewee said that they will replicate these cleanups in the other public beaches of this Natural Protected Area such as Mezzanine, Pescadores and Maya.

“It was the first cleanup of the year in which more than 50 volunteers gathered, we recovered approximately 300 kilos of garbage from the beach and jungle, it was carried out in Santa Fe beach, in the National Park which is now the jaguar corridor, several environmental organizations from Tulum participated”, he said.

He pointed out that as a message to highlight is the call to awareness for a responsible use and consumption of plastics in Tulum. He also invited citizens to join this cause both to recommend keeping Tulum’s paradisiacal beaches clean and to participate in the cleanups.

The activist added that there are different recycling projects and ecological programs for Tulum to be considered a “green destination”, for which the collaboration of all sectors is needed.

He said that these clean-up days will be carried out throughout the year in the beach area, in the municipal capital and the communities, in order to set an example and also to encourage visitors to dispose of their garbage in the appropriate places.

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