Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

July 25, 2024
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Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Looking for the best coffee in Tulum? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the top 15 coffee shops. Get your caffeine fix at Tulum's finest cafes.
Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

You have plenty of options when it comes to Tulum coffee shops, but one thing’s for sure — if you love coffee, you’ll definitely love the local coffee in Tulum, Mexico.

Mexico is one of the world’s top coffee regions, and with the amazing foodie scene in Tulum, you’re sure to get some of the best coffee in all of Quintana Roo state and the Yucatan Peninsula.

This includes Mexican coffee from the top regions, including Oaxaca state, Puebla state and Chiapas state, as well as the famed coffee from the municipalities of Coatepec, Veracruz and Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca.

From a legendary barista manning his coffee cart on the corner of Venus Ote, to coffee gelato at one of the best gelaterías in Mexico, if not the world, Tulum has it all.

Sip coffee in Tulum Centro (AKA downtown), on Tulum beach, in tropical jungle gardens, on swings, and surrounded by books. Enjoy quiet co-working spaces with tropical vibes, and of course, great coffee.

Ready to discover all the best places for coffee in Tulum? Let’s get to it! This list features the 15 best coffee shops in Tulum, and if you have time, you’ll want to try them all.

Ki’Bok Cafe

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Ki’Bok Café is one of the best coffee shops in Tulum Mexico. This great little café on Calle Centauro Sur in Tulum Town (AKA Downtown Tulum, or Tulum Pueblo) has a fun boho vibe and a tropical garden out back.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the airy ambience and top-notch coffee. Grab an Americano Frío to cool down, or get a coffee and plate of chilaquiles for breakfast. In fact, some will tell you this is the best place to eat in Tulum as well.

This café also offers a large selection of fresh juices, which are great for staying cool and hydrated.

Spend some time sitting on the swings out front, or enjoying the tranquility of the beautiful garden.

Ki’Bok Coffee Café is open early, perfect if you need a caffeine fix to start the day as you venture out to all the best things to do in Tulum.

Cafetería Hunab Ku

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Cafetería Hunab Ku is located on Avenida Kukulcan, a main street that connects downtown and the beach. One of the best cafes in Tulum, this is a perfect spot to stop for coffee and sweet treats — like the banana bread and flavorful cups of joe.

The owner is extra friendly, and everything is tasty and fresh. In fact, this may be the best coffee you try in Tulum, and that’s saying something!

Cafetería Hunab Ku is small and cozy, with murals on the walls and 1960s music. They even have good tacos. While they aren’t the best tacos in Tulum (you’ll find those at Taqueria Honorio), they’re still pretty tasty.

Enjoy being in a location with more locals than visitors, and within easy walking distance of the Tulum Town Center. Get your coffee to go, or sip and savor on site at this popular place.

Babel Tulum Cafe

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Babel Tulum Café is one of the best restaurants in Tulum Mexico. It’s the perfect place to grab breakfast and a cappuccino, or an afternoon dessert paired with coffee for a quick pick-me-up.

Babel is one of the oldest Tulum coffee shops on Avenida Tulum, the main road in downtown. It’s a popular café among tourists and locals alike, which tells you something. Clearly, this is a café that has stood the test of time.

Come enjoy the shade, reasonable prices, and tasty menu. The staff are awesome at what they do, and will help you feel comfortable and at home.

Have a sweet tooth? You’ll love the banana bread, pecan pie, almond croissants, and alfajores (a popular Mexican cookie) at this small restaurant.

Del Cielo Tulum Cafe

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

A large creative menu, convenient location, and fast service all combine at Del Cielo. Many say they make the best brunch Tulum has to offer, so do add Del Cielo to your Tulum itinerary.

Delight your taste buds with Mexican cuisine like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros with black beans — two of the best Mexican breakfast foods. Del Cielo also offers great pancakes, parfaits, tartines and croissants.

Pair your meal with a fabulous Mexican coffee, fresh juice, or a smoothie made from local fruits.

Thanks to the large menu, you’re sure to find something to suit you at this fresh, cozy, fast, and trendy café. Known for excellent service, DelCielo is always a great option.

Campanella Cremerie

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Fancy a coffee and gelato, or an indulgent affogato? If that sounds yummy, visit Campanella Cremerie.

This spot boasts what they call the best gelato in Mexico and the world, though that might be up for debate! However, even Italian visitors will rave about their chocolate gelato and spectacular coffee.

Cool off with cold brews and iced coffees, order an espresso worthy of Italy, and grab some food while you’re at it.

This could be the best breakfast in Tulum Town, with Belgian waffles, croissants, and savory breakfast sandwiches. Delicioso!

Hey, you may even want an early-morning gelato. No judgment here! Enjoy the pleasant ambience at this café on Avenida Tulum, where life is good.

Meteora Stay Tulum Hostel & Coffeehouse

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Ask anyone and they will tell you Meteora Stay is one of the best hostels in Tulum. They’re also likely to place it among the best co-working spaces in Tulum.

It also has one of the best coffeehouses in Tulum, and is located only a short walk from the main strip in Tulum Pueblo (which is also called Tulum Town or Downtown Tulum).

You’re also only about a 10-minute’s drive from Tulum Ruins, Tulum National Park (Parque Nacional de Tulum), and all the best beaches in Tulum.

With warm boho chic vibes, this chill hostel and Tulum coffee house will imbue you with tranquility. Stop by for a coffee or a fruit juice, and enjoy a relaxing dip in their pool.

Tulum Travel Tips: The co-working space is on the smaller side, so get there early to reserve your spot and make sure you’re near all the power outlets.

Getting hungry? Order an avocado toast topped with sprouts, sun dried tomatoes, local feta cheese and a drizzle of olive oil. (While their menu rotates frequently, you can always find dishes similar to that one.)

If you’re a remote worker, or looking to stay at one of the best places in Tulum for digital nomads, Meteora Stay is the co-working place of your dreams.

Raw Love Cafe

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Know the famous wooden man Tulum sculpture by Daniel Popper called Ven a la Luz (Come to the Light)? It’s one of the most Instagram worthy Tulum sites, and it’s right next to Raw Love Cafe in the Tulum Sculpture Park at Ahau Tulum Hotel.

Raw Love Cafe Tulum is an amazing coffee shop tucked between the ocean and the jungle. Fuel your body with raw vegan food at one of the best places to eat in Tulum Beach.

Hippie vibes, chill hammocks, swaying palm trees — What could be better? It’s the ideal tropical Tulum coffee spot.

Grab one of their organic coffee drinks, or try a smoothie bowl. Some of the crowd favorites at Raw Love Cafe include the chocolate dream bowl made with raw cacao, açai bowls, coconut lattes, and healing shots.

If you’re allergic to gluten, Raw Love Tulum is bound to be your new happy place. Everything on their menu is gluten free, so indulge away.

Matcha Mama

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Another great spot for smoothie bowls and coffee in Tulum is Matcha Mama. This iconic restaurant is super cute, complete with swings, a thatched roof, lush jungle vibes and relaxed ambience.

As one of the best Tulum Instagram spots, you’ll want to snap some photos while you’re there to capture this quintessential Tulum moment.

Tulum Travel Tips: It can get crowded at this little spot on the Tulum Beach Road, so the best time to visit is in the early morning to beat the crowds. This is especially true in the high season months of November to March.

Enjoy an iced coffee or opt for thick frozen smoothie bowls with chia seeds, vegan options including vegan ice cream, fresh juices, and elixirs. It’s a great stop on a hot day.

Match Mama Tulum is a small café, perfect for a quick break from the sun to cool off, rest your feet, and indulge in a delicious coffee beverage. Some people love this spot so much they come every day during their vacation.

Note: They also have a second location in downtown, but the beach location is the original Matcha Mama.

Kaápeh Tulum

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Kaápeh Tulum is one of the best restaurants in Tulum town. This café is located on La Veleta and features a thatch room and a fun tropical vibe. It’s a peaceful spot with great coffee, smoothie bowls, and snacks.

Tulum Travel Tips: Staff at this café speak English and Spanish, and the menus are available in both languages.

Kaápeh Tulum gets its top-notch coffee from the mountainous region of Veracruz, located more than 4,400-feet (1,341 m) above sea level.

If you’re looking for good coffee and good food, this is the place. Enjoy a savory breakfast of eggs, or opt for something sweet, like the crowd favorite Chunky Monkey smoothie bowl.

Whatever you try, you can always expect great service, lovely music, good prices, delicious food, and a tasteful atmosphere at Kaápeh Cafe.

Italdo Tulum

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Italdo Tulum is one of the best places to eat in Tulum Mexico. The pastries and coffee are incredible.

Coffee lovers, put this place on your “must visit” list. Get ready for some of the best coffee in town plus insanely delicious almond croissants, cream bombolone, salads and more.

This is a busy café with limited space, so be prepared to wait for a table. Fortunately, the wait will be totally worth it!

Italdo is definitely one of the gems of Tulum. Head over to Avenida 5 Sur, La Veleta, to enjoy this spectacular Italian bakery. ¡Un café y postre, por favor!

Líquido y Sólido

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Casual, affordable, and authentic. Líquido y Sólido is a lovely café with an outdoorsy breezy “healthy hipster” feel.

This café is all about good service, beautifully presented food and drinks, and tasty coffee.

If you’re a pancake fan, the oat pancakes may make for the best breakfast Tulum has to offer. The egg dishes, freshly-squeezed juice, and dirty chai are also excellent. Everything has an extra little touch to show the care and passion that goes into the food.

Líquido y Sólido is only a hop skip and a jump from the sand, surf and snorkeling in Tulum. Stop by for the best brunch in Tulum Beach on your way to enjoying all the amazing activities in this Mexico pueblo magico (magic town).

Mochiart Cafe (Tulum Coffee Cart)

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

The coffee at Mochiart Café Coffee Cart is Tulum art at its best! Usually found on the corner of Satélite S and Venus Ote in the Aldea Zama neighborhood of Tulum Town, this little shop is unique and special.

Mochiart’s barista is a legend, so it’s no surprise lots of people consider this the best coffee Tulum has. Many will even call it one of the best food trucks in Tulum, though they don’t always have food options available, and it’s more bike than truck — but hey!

Mochiart combines perfect pulls with beautiful latte art and an unparalleled taste. If you want something truly special when you’re in Tulum, this is it!

Hop on your bike or scooter (if you rented one) and zoom over to Mochiart Cafe. Your search for the perfect Mexican cup of joe ends here.

Note: While it’s usually parked here in the same place, this is a cart, so there’s a chance it can move to another location, including the Tulum Beach area.

Coati Café Tulum

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Although many great coffee spots are in the Tulum Town Center, Coati Café is one of the best in the Tulum Hotel Zone. It’s also the best restaurant in Tulum Beach for cold brew coffee — which is the perfect drink for a hot place like Tulum.

This spot is a cozy welcoming cafe on Avenida Boca Paila. Try the cold brew, hang out in the hammock, or have a yummy brunch.

Coati Café offers salmon bagels, pancakes, fresh-baked croissants, waffles, and avocado toast. This picturesque Tulum café also offers an amazing chicken salad bowl topped with edible flowers that’s both pretty and delicious.

The ambience is clean and relaxed. It’s a great find nestled among the best Tulum all-inclusive resorts, eco-chic luxury hotels and all the top designer boutiques in the Tulum Beach Zone.

Cara Feliz

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

If you love coffee and reading books, Cara Feliz, meaning “happy face,” will have you in heaven. This full-service cafe features a lovely garden, delicious coffee, and a library-themed interior complete with cats and armchairs.

This is one of the best cafes to work in Tulum. It’s a great spot to catch up on emails or use as a co-working space with the free wifi, soothing music, and quiet ambience.

Besides offering coffee and tea, Cara Feliz also offers local craft beer and other Mexican beer favorites. The sandwiches, pie, and almond croissants are all off-the-charts fabulous.

Cara Feliz occasionally has craft classes, art clubs, chill live music, and even live concerts with full bands. Many of the books are in English, too, so read away (and be on the lookout for these best books on Mexico).

Prieto Tulum

Best Coffee in Tulum: Must-Try Coffee Shops in 2023

Don’t miss the chance to eat breakfast at one of the best restaurants in Tulum Mexico during your stay. Prieto Tulum serves up delicious breakfast fare, like pancakes, fresh fruit, açai bowls, as well as cold brew and local black coffee.

As far as ambience goes, Prieto is trendy and clean, with a lovely quaint vibe. You can sit outside, or cool off inside with the AC — which isn’t always available at Tulum restaurants and cafes.

Buy some of the artisanal ceramics, indulge in a frozen yogurt, and snap some cute shots for Instagram while you’re at it.

Prieto Tulum is on the corner of Avenida Tulum and Satélite Sur. It’s the perfect downtown breakfast spot in Tulum Pueblo (AKA downtown).

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