Business presents Insider Access: Global Networking Event in Tulum’s 2023 Global Press Tour is now underway, soon touching down in Mexico with the debut Insider Access: Global Networking Event in Tulum.

The networking event is an inspirational and informative experience that connects creatives across the music industry. The inaugural Tulum edition will unite DJs, record labels, venue owners, booking agents, content creators and more for enlightened conversations about a shared love of the electronic music community.

Kanan Tulum hotel

The event is slated to take place from noon to 6pm at the beautiful Kanan Tulum hotel on February 12th, 2023. Learn more and secure tickets here.

The definitive voice of electronic dance music, is the world’s leading media platform for electronic music, festivals, tech and culture. We’re excited to invite you to join our growing community.

Kanan Tulum hotel

Prepare to build strong business relationships, create lifelong friendships and take part in a number of onsite activities:

  • Label Demo Drop: During the first two hours of the event, a number of record labels will have representatives onsite to listen and review songs.
  • Media Audit: At the same time as the demo drop, representatives will be available to review and provide feedback on social media, pitch emails and other materials.
  • Touring 101: Get tips, insider secrets and best practices to learn how to get more bookings as an artist directly from promoters and talent buyers.
  • Networking: Exchange knowledge and contact information with other members of the local dance music community.
  • Giveaway prizes from sponsors
  • Complimentary appetizers and drinks (limited quantities—arrive early)

Partners: Agua de Tulum, Downtown Tulum Radio, Ephimera and more.

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