April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Vacation Season Ends with 75% Hotel Occupancy

TULUM, Mexico – As July drew to a close, Tulum’s hotel occupancy reached a modest 75-point mark, yet it’s the central hotels that have seen the least benefit from the summer vacation season.

According to the July report from the Tulum Hotel Association (AHT), Akumal boasted an impressive 83.16% occupancy rate, while Akumal-Chemuyil-Tankah followed with 32.11%. The Parque Nacional area maintained a 61.62% occupancy, Boca Paila-Sian Ka’an settled at 44.60%, and Tulum Pueblo recorded 32.86%.

June’s average occupancy stood at 72.06%, with the All-Inclusive Akumal area leading the pack at 80.51% occupancy.

Jesús García Flores, the welcoming face at Chilam Balam Hotel on Tulum Avenue, shared that their weekends boast a robust 80% occupancy, but weekdays see a dip to 20 percentage points.

He noted a conspicuous absence of tourists from the United States and Europe, a phenomenon contributing to the consistently high occupancy throughout the vacation season.

Tulum's Vacation Season Ends with 75% Hotel Occupancy

García Flores further explained that these erratic statistics are closely tied to the ongoing conflicts in various European countries. In the case of the American market, travelers are opting to explore within their own nation’s borders.

He elaborated that Mexican tourism is effectively sustaining the season, though these travelers tend to plan one-week getaways or short weekend escapades.

Manuel Carrillo, representing La Cabaña Hotel in the central district, disclosed that hoteliers’ projections prior to summer indicated a 70% average occupancy throughout July and part of August. However, reality has presented a slightly different scenario.

In spite of this, Carrillo remains hopeful that the remaining days of August will see an upturn, pushing room occupancy to an 80% average.


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