April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Tourism Sector Thrives Amidst Challenges

TULUM, Mexico – Despite a subdued influx of beachgoers compared to past holiday seasons, workers in the tourism sector are reporting encouraging gains.

In this regard, David Coronel, the manager of Pancho Villa restaurant, stated that the tourist flow has waned compared to previous years, attributing it to the sluggish access to public beaches and the entrance fee to the National Park.

He pointed out that, were it not for the ongoing construction and this restriction, a more significant influx of visitors could be observed. Nevertheless, he mentioned that they have established agreements with travel agencies that bring in both Mexican and international tourists, which contributes to their economic growth.

“While the changes being implemented are meant for improvement, they are currently hindering a larger number of Mexican and foreign tourists, even locals, despite the exemption from the 58-peso entrance fee,” he emphasized.

On the maritime front, the nautical sector reports a remarkable 90 percent service utilization during weekends, where a minimal influx of seaweed has favored the activities.

Tulum's Tourism Sector Thrives Amidst Challenges

Iran Pat, a boat operator at Santa Fe Beach, shared that the number of beachgoers on the National Park’s shores has a positive trend. They are operating at 75 percent capacity from Monday to Thursday and nearly at full capacity on weekends.

“Seaweed is still making its way here, but it seems to be less this year, and our footfall is at about 75 percent. It even climbs up to 90 percent on weekends. Thankfully, we’re managing well,” he expressed.

To conclude, they mentioned that there are still several days left of the summer vacation period, during which they hope that the tourist flow will maintain at least this rhythm or possibly improve.


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