April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Tourism Industry Faces Sustainability Challenges in Low Season

TULUM, Quintana Roo – In Tulum, the current “low season” for tourism has led many businesses to invest less in aligning their facilities with environmental sustainability models, according to Alexis de Aldecoa Morales, a representative of the Eukariota agency.

During a brief interview, the executive of this environmental certification company highlighted that the low season in Tulum now spans from May to November, a period that deals a significant blow to the revenues of most establishments in the city.

De Aldecoa emphasized that this lack of interest is reflected in the number of establishments seeking to mitigate and compensate for the impact they generate on their surroundings.

“The low season practically lasts from May to November in Tulum, which means that establishments are experiencing lower incomes and consequently investing less. This is the adversity we are facing,” he stressed.

Tulum's Tourism Industry Faces Sustainability Challenges in Low Season

However, he mentioned that their agency, originating from Quintana Roo, has been gradually making progress in certifying more businesses concerned about attracting travelers who prioritize environmentally sustainable options.

He further detailed that the certifications they have granted are based on various criteria, such as proper waste and water management, electrical efficiency, civil protection, and community engagement, among others.

To date, Centro Holistico Akalkí, Ahau, Kanan, Alaya, Villa Pescadores, Casa Ganesh, and Delek are the companies that have obtained this certification, he stated.

He expressed hope that in the coming months, 11 more establishments, including restaurants from Tulum, Bacalar, and Solidaridad, will join the list of certified businesses.

This growing emphasis on sustainability represents a positive trend, as it demonstrates the commitment of some establishments to reduce their environmental impact and cater to travelers seeking a more eco-conscious experience.

With Tulum’s reputation as a popular tourist destination, the local tourism industry must continue promoting sustainable practices throughout the year, not just during the high season.


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