April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Skyrocketing Hotel Demand Signals Tourism Boom

TULUM, Mexico – The Association of Hotels in the Riviera Maya (AHRM) has just unveiled a promising forecast for the upcoming year, anticipating a significant surge in hotel occupancy levels, ranging from 85 to 87 percent. This projection follows the implementation of government initiatives focusing on transportation and infrastructure development in the southeast region of Mexico.

Unlike the 80 percent hotel occupancy recorded in 2023, this upward trend signals positive growth in the local hospitality sector. Toni Chaves, President of AHRM, shared these insights in an exclusive interview with MILENIO.

Various factors are set to contribute to this boost, particularly benefiting Quintana Roo and the Cancún-Riviera Maya area. According to Chaves, the introduction of the Mayan Train, the Tulum Airport, and the emergence of the new Mexican airline, Aviación Mexicana, are among the influential projects.

Tulum's Skyrocketing Hotel Demand Signals Tourism Boom

The aviation projects are particularly noteworthy, painting a favorable outlook as they not only increase the number of available seats to the destination but also enhance the infrastructure for accommodating diverse national and international travelers, Chaves remarked.

Highlighting the significance of expanding air travel capacity, Chaves emphasized the need to match the growing number of hotels yearly. Regarding Tulum Airport, the AHRM President mentioned a more substantial positive impact starting in March, coinciding with the commencement of operations by three American airlines.

However, Chaves did express concerns, one of them being the absence of a federal entity, akin to the Mexico Tourism Board (CPTM), dedicated to promoting tourism on a national and international scale.

Tulum's Skyrocketing Hotel Demand Signals Tourism Boom

Looking ahead, Chaves provided a glimpse into the period between 2024 and 2027, foreseeing a substantial increase of 5,000 rooms in Quintana Roo. Numerous projects nearing completion and others in various stages of construction contribute to this optimistic outlook. The launch of the Tulum Airport is anticipated to attract fresh hotel investments, particularly in areas like Bacalar and Majahual. As the region embraces growth, it remains to be seen how the absence of a central tourism promotion authority will impact the trajectory of this flourishing sector.


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