April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Promising Future: International Airport and Mega-Developments

TULUM, México – Nestled in the heart of Quintana Roo’s rejuvenated landscape in the center-south region, Tulum stands as a pivotal force in the new era of development. It’s the linchpin that connects the dots in this thriving region, thanks to its geographical significance and its role as a catalyst for progress, particularly in the Mayan zone.

Among the myriad of encouraging developments occurring in the Diego Castañón Trejo municipality, the forthcoming International Airport, on the border with its neighbor Felipe Carrillo Puerto, looms large as a potential game-changer. This airport promises a multitude of positive impacts, including investments, job opportunities, increased tourist flow, and enhanced global visibility.

Recently, the municipal president paid a visit to the airport’s construction site, which is on track to begin operations in December with an impressive 70% completion rate. In a widely shared video message, Diego Castañón expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Never before has there been such an investment in our land as during this transformational government. It’s historic. This airport is going to change our lives: new jobs, better roads, increased investment, and development with social justice. I will keep you informed of the progress. Thanks to President López Obrador and Governor Mara Lezama, it’s become a reality.”

Tulum's Promising Future: International Airport and Mega-Developments

According to estimates provided by municipal authorities, “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” Airport will have the capacity to handle approximately 5.5 million passengers annually, with 75% of them coming from abroad. In its initial phase, the airport will facilitate up to 32,000 annual air operations.

Simultaneously, progress is being made on the Tren Maya project, set to commence operations in December, and other mega-infrastructure developments that are bolstering the region. This vibrant atmosphere is not only motivating local authorities and residents but also attracting investors and tourists. The population is growing, and the real estate market is booming, necessitating unprecedented public works not only in the municipal center but also in tourist hotspots like Akumal and Chemuyil. Prosperity is evident in this thriving part of the Riviera Maya.

These developments have received resounding support from hotel associations, business chambers, and civil society groups. The Maya and Transition zones are equally excited about the promising projections, as evidenced by special occasions such as the 15th-anniversary celebration in May and the September report on results.

Tulum's Promising Future: International Airport and Mega-Developments

Tulum is a young destination that was born with a grand vision, and its future looks even brighter. As we eagerly anticipate the opening of the International Airport and the Tren Maya, Tulum’s role as a powerhouse in the region is set to grow, and it remains a place where opportunities and possibilities continue to flourish.


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