April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Hotel Association Advocates for Fair Play in Vacation Rentals

TULUM, Mexico – The Tulum Hotel Association has sounded the alarm over the exponential growth of vacation rentals on digital platforms. They are now urging authorities to level the playing field. Over 10,000 units have registered and are operating under this modality this year alone, often expanding into irregular areas.

The hospitality sector has underscored the critical need to regulate these platforms rigorously. They must ensure timely tax payments, such as sanitation fees and operating licenses. Furthermore, it’s essential to guarantee the safety of tourists. The Association of Vacation Clubs in Quintana Roo (ACLUVAQ) has also expressed concerns over how these lodging platforms negatively impact Cancun’s image and value. They often offer spaces up to $250 cheaper than traditional hotels.

This surge in vacation rentals has raised various concerns within the Tulum community and the broader tourism industry. It’s crucial to delve deeper into these issues and understand the implications.

Tulum's Hotel Association Advocates for Fair Play in Vacation Rentals

The rapid growth of vacation rentals has brought both opportunities and challenges to Tulum. On one hand, it has allowed homeowners to capitalize on their properties and cater to the increasing number of tourists seeking unique and affordable accommodations. On the other hand, the unregulated expansion of vacation rentals poses significant issues.

First and foremost is the matter of taxation. Traditional hotels and resorts are obligated to pay a range of taxes, including the right to sanitation and operating licenses. These funds contribute to local infrastructure and services, benefiting both residents and tourists. However, many vacation rentals have skirted these financial responsibilities, creating an uneven playing field within the tourism sector.

Furthermore, safety is a paramount concern. While some vacation rentals maintain high standards, others may not adhere to the same safety protocols as established hotels. Ensuring the well-being of tourists should be a top priority for any destination aiming to thrive in the long term.

Tulum's Hotel Association Advocates for Fair Play in Vacation Rentals

ACLUVAQ’s concerns about Cancun’s image and value are equally valid. The price differential between vacation rentals and hotels can lead tourists to opt for the former, potentially diminishing the allure of traditional accommodations. This, in turn, affects the overall tourism landscape.

To address these issues, the Tulum Hotel Association proposes a comprehensive regulatory framework. This framework would require vacation rental platforms to adhere to the same tax obligations as hotels and enforce safety standards. Doing so, they aim to level the playing field and ensure a fair and secure environment for all tourists.


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