April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Historic Triumph at Global Tourism Summit

TULUM, Mexico – In a historic milestone, the Tulum City Council successfully participated in the Tourism Ministers Summit, organized by the World Travel Market (WTM), the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), led by Executive Director Natalia Bayona, and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), presided over by Julia Simpson.

During the summit, Jorge Molina Pérez, the head of the General Directorate of Tourism and Economy, emphasized the pivotal role played by President Diego Castañón Trejo in driving the transformation of the sector while preserving the cultural identity of the Mayan heritage. This transformation aims to strengthen the tourism and economic activities of the municipality through both digital and traditional means and special high-impact projects for the benefit of residents and visitors.

“Furthermore, in 2023, high-ranking government officials and international organizations highlighted the importance of education and training in the tourism sector to preserve the local identity of destinations among children, youth, and adults,” he stated.

Tulum's Historic Triumph at Global Tourism Summit

In this regard, the municipal government sets an exemplary standard in the use of new technologies in the tourism sector, as well as in boosting the production and marketing of handicrafts. This demonstrates that where there is transformation, there is a future, and social justice is key to ensuring sustainable development.

The event expressed gratitude for the hospitality and collaborative synergy of the UK’s Minister of State for Media, Tourism, and Creative Industries, Sir John Whittingdale, who aims to attract a greater number of English travelers to Tulum and promote investments in the region.

Furthermore, there was an opportunity to establish collaboration with the government of Kenya, an ultra-luxury destination, through Peninah Malonza, Secretary of the Cabinet at the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Heritage. This collaboration seeks to complement the tourism product offered in the Mayan region of Tulum with sustainable best practices.

Tulum has succeeded in elevating the Mayan culture and positioning its identity as a “Pueblo Mágico” (Magical Town) at the World Travel Market in London, which began this Monday. The General Directorate of Tourism and Economy secured invitations from important agencies to explore the roots of Tulum, its history, culture, and natural beauty, aligning with the travel sector trends for the close of 2023 and the growth in 2024.

Tulum's Historic Triumph at Global Tourism Summit

At this gathering, a new official tourist map was unveiled, highlighting Tulum’s status as a “Pueblo Mágico.” The map’s design emphasizes size, symbology, colors, and identity to attract a greater number of tourists.

“Municipal President Diego Castañón Trejo has instructed that starting from the London Tourism Fair, this map will be used to promote the attractions of Tulum at the rest of the scheduled promotional events and fairs, both in Mexico and abroad,” explained Jorge Mario Molina Pérez, the head of the Directorate.


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