April 6, 2024
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Tulum Hoteliers See Bright Prospects in Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport

TULUM, Mexico – The impending inauguration of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport has sparked fervent discussions among Tulum’s hoteliers. They are deliberating whether this new aviation gateway will attract budget-conscious tourists or herald a new era of market expansion and globalization.

Antonio Requena Bacab, the manager of Chilam Balam Hotel, expressed his enthusiasm for being a part of this pivotal moment in Tulum’s history. He emphasized that the airport’s opening would usher in a wave of promising developments for the region.

Tulum boasts a diverse range of accommodations to cater to tourists from all corners of the globe, making it well-prepared to welcome visitors arriving through the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport. The airport is slated to welcome its first domestic flights on December 1.

Tulum Hoteliers See Bright Prospects in Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport

“We eagerly await the influx of tourists to Tulum and are confident that we have something to offer every segment of the market,” Bacab stated.

He emphasized their commitment to an open and globalized approach, believing it to be a boon for all sectors.

“We are open to all and well-prepared in terms of service. We are thrilled to welcome visitors to this mythical Mayan jungle,” he added.

On the other hand, Antonio Paparela, the manager of Kukulcán Hotel, opined that regardless of the airport’s presence, tourists of varying economic backgrounds will continue to visit Tulum and other destinations in the region.

“While a small percentage of budget travelers may arrive, the airport’s impact largely depends on the routes and airlines that choose to operate here,” he stressed.

Paparela highlighted that far from being detrimental, they view the airport’s potential contributions as overwhelmingly positive. Situated just 24 kilometers from Tulum’s town center, it will have a significant impact on the local tourism sector.

Tulum Hoteliers See Bright Prospects in Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport

“Absolutely, it’s positive in every way. Having an airport just 15 minutes away is more than beneficial for all of us who live and work in the tourism industry,” he expressed.

The discourse among Tulum’s hoteliers reflects a sentiment of optimism and readiness to embrace the opportunities presented by the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport. While some concerns persist about the potential influx of budget travelers, the prevailing outlook is one of enthusiasm for the expanded market and global reach that this new gateway promises to bring.


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