April 6, 2024
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Tulum Gears Up for the 14th Sustainable Tourism Expo

TULUM, Mexico – Tulum is gearing up to host the 14th edition of the Sustainable Tourism Expo, an event dedicated to promoting environmental technologies and bioarchitecture in the tourism sector. Scheduled for September 10th and 11th, this gathering anticipates the participation of 40 renowned international companies. Moreover, it serves as a reinforcement of public policies focused on environmental preservation, aligning with the New Accord for Well-being and Development.

The captivating backdrop for this exhibition will be the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to explore environmental technologies, social and productive projects, as well as bioarchitecture and the use of natural materials, offering a glimpse into the sustainable future of the industry.

The presence of business chambers such as COPARMEX, CNET, AMEXME, and AMPI, alongside academic institutions like CIIEMAD of the National Polytechnic Institute and tour operators like Viajes Itzaa, ensures that this event will serve as a catalyst for decision-making and agreements that will steer Mexican businesses toward the objectives of sustainable development and the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.

Tulum Gears Up for the 14th Sustainable Tourism Expo

The Sustainable Tourism Expo positions itself as a national platform that seeks to bridge needs with solutions, addressing sustainability as a shared responsibility among all stakeholders.

Such events have a direct impact on the value chain and consumption habits of both locals and tourists. They encourage the substitution of less environmentally friendly products with more efficient and eco-friendly alternatives, providing the hotel industry with an opportunity to embrace sustainability and incorporate local production into their operations.

The event’s program includes activities such as networking, business roundtables, presentations of tourist products from various states of the country, and contributions from internationally renowned speakers on relevant topics like “Financial Models for Sustainable Development.”

A notable aspect is the presence of the state of Chiapas, led by Jeannette Guevara, Director of Viajes Itzaa. Their booth will showcase treasures and regional products representing the richness of southern Mexico.

“The Chiapas booth at the Sustainable Tourism Expo will truly be a showcase of the rich diversity our region has to offer. We aim to provide visitors with an immersive experience of our culture and traditions. To achieve this, we have prepared a series of activities and exhibitions that highlight the essence of Chiapas, engaging all five senses. There will be traditional food and beverage tastings, hands-on workshop experiences, and the backdrop of juniper, the scent of copal, and canvases by Chiapaneco artists,” remarked Jeannette Guevara, Director of Viajes Itzaa.

Tulum Gears Up for the 14th Sustainable Tourism Expo

“At our booth, attendees can indulge in tastings of iconic Chiapas distillates, such as Comiteco and Pox, which are representative of our rich cultural heritage. These tastings not only allow visitors to savor unique flavors but also understand the history behind each distillate and its significance in our traditions,” Guevara added.

“But the experience doesn’t stop there. We’ve also curated sustainable tourism plans that showcase the natural beauty and biodiversity of Chiapas. From breathtaking tours of Canto del Agua to routes exploring our natural reserves and indigenous communities, we aim to demonstrate how one can enjoy the beauty of Chiapas responsibly and sustainably,” continued Guevara.

“And, of course, we cannot overlook Chiapas’ craftsmanship, a reflection of the skill and creativity of our local artisans. At our booth, visitors can admire and acquire a variety of authentic handicrafts, including handwoven textiles, traditional ceramics, and unique pieces capturing the essence of Chiapas. Some of the featured businesses include CASA NA TEXTILES, ÁMBAR, CANTO DEL AGUA, CIIDES ESCUELA EN SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LAS CASAS, POXNA, LEÑATEROS, GALERÍA CORAZON (ARTE CHIAPANECO) MUDO, and COMITECO, among others.”

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