April 6, 2024
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Tulum Faces Infrastructure Test with New Flights

TULUM, Mexico – The arrival of new flights at the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport is poised to significantly boost the influx of visitors, thereby attracting a larger population. This development is of concern to the Tulum hotel sector, which is apprehensive about the scarcity of essential services.

In the medium term, David Ortiz Mena, President of the Tulum Hotel Association, anticipates that this destination will reap the benefits of the 14 weekly flights provided by Aeroméxico and Viva Aerobus. These flights are set to generate an increased flow of domestic visitors. Furthermore, the flight from Tijuana could potentially draw foreign tourists due to its proximity to the California border.

Tulum currently boasts 10,800 rooms for accommodations. According to the 2020 INEGI Census, the local population comprises 46,721 residents. Among the 11 municipalities in Quintana Roo, Tulum ranks second for its population growth rate at 5.3 (Solidaridad claims the top spot with 7.9). The state’s average growth rate stands at 3.5.

David Ortiz Mena, the President of the Tulum Hotel Association, voiced his concerns about the lack of essential infrastructure required to support the existing and anticipated tourism surge with the expansion of structural projects. Addressing issues like drainage and housing investment is crucial, and he believes that these structural projects should be accompanied by necessary services to ensure the sustainability of this destination.

Tulum Faces Infrastructure Test with New Flights

Hoteliers in Tulum acknowledge the positive impact of the investments being made in the municipality. However, they emphasize the importance of ensuring that these investments are coupled with all the essential basic services necessary to maintain a sustainable environment for both visitors and local residents.

Tulum grapples with a complex situation, growing at a significantly faster rate than sustainability efforts can keep up with. At present, it operates with a budget based on a population of 46,000 residents, while the needs of both locals and visitors far exceed this figure. It is hoped that these investments will lead to improvements in housing, drainage services, waste disposal, top-tier medical facilities, and all the vital infrastructure required to support the population that Tulum expects to have in the medium term.


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