April 6, 2024
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The Growing Pains of Tulum: From Tourists to Infrastructure

TULUM, Mexico – As the sun-kissed shores of Tulum continue to lure travelers from around the globe, a pressing issue looms in the background – the glaring absence of adequate housing. This housing crisis has become increasingly apparent, with over 7,500 individuals residing in irregular settlements. Despite the influx of visitors and the anticipated growth due to ongoing federal projects, a comprehensive plan to address this issue seems conspicuously absent. David Ortiz Mena, Vice President of the Hotel Association of the Mexican Caribbean, attributes this to the lack of federal investment in the local populace.

In a recent press release, Ortiz Mena, representing the hotel sector, voiced his support for all forms of infrastructure development, including ambitious projects such as the new airport and the iconic Tren Maya. However, he emphasizes the paramount importance of ensuring that this progress is accompanied by the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the burgeoning population in this beloved tourist destination.

“It’s evident that the municipal budget falls woefully short,” noted Ortiz Mena, who also serves as the President of the Tulum Hotel Association. “Here, it is imperative for the federal government to step in and address the needs arising from these ambitious projects.”

The Growing Pains of Tulum: From Tourists to Infrastructure

This budgetary shortfall becomes even more glaring when considering that Tulum’s allocated resources are geared towards its official census population, which stands at around 45,000 residents. This allocation leaves out the more than 30,000 daily visitors who flock to the municipality, all of whom also require essential services and security.

In addition to affordable housing, Tulum must also expand its sewage network, devise sustainable waste disposal solutions, and fortify its electrical infrastructure – an area that has already demonstrated its inadequacy. The municipality is in dire need of additional clinics and schools to cater to its burgeoning population.

“For the new airport, they have already planned extensive roadways from Muyil. However, one must traverse through the heart of Tulum, a road network ill-suited for such vehicular traffic,” warned Ortiz Mena.

David Ortiz Mena emphasized that Tulum still has a long way to go in terms of infrastructure development that befits the town’s image, particularly along the coastline, where road improvements are urgently needed. The ongoing works for El Jaguar Park have left much room for improvement, reflecting the prevailing infrastructure challenges.

The Growing Pains of Tulum: From Tourists to Infrastructure

As Tulum continues to bask in the spotlight as a premier tourist destination, addressing these critical issues is essential to ensure a sustainable future for both its residents and visitors. The need for coordinated efforts between municipal and federal authorities cannot be overstated. Only with such collaboration can Tulum fulfill its promise as a world-class destination, where residents and tourists alike can enjoy the beauty of this coastal paradise while benefiting from the essential services and infrastructure they deserve.


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