April 6, 2024
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Mexicana de Aviación’s Tulum Takeoff: The Missing Link

TULUM, Mexico – December is shaping up to be a month of exciting premieres as the highly-anticipated opening of Mexicana de Aviación, the Tulum International Airport, and the Tren Maya draw near. However, there’s a notable absence – tickets for Mexicana de Aviación flights to Tulum are yet to hit the market.

The commencement of ticket sales for Mexicana de Aviación flights to its 20 Mexican destinations is underway, but the conspicuous absence from this list is the Tulum International Airport, also known as “Felipe Carrillo Puerto.”

Remarkably, Tulum is set to become Mexicana de Aviación’s second operational hub, following closely behind the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA). Hence, it’s surprising that tickets to this destination have not been made available yet.

Nevertheless, the reason behind this delay in promoting Mexicana de Aviación flights to the Tulum Airport, which is scheduled to open its doors on December 2nd, lies in the requirement for an essential document: the operator certificate.

Mexicana de Aviación's Tulum Takeoff: The Missing Link

So, what exactly is this operator certificate? It’s a document issued by a country’s civil aviation authority, allowing an entity or company to operate and manage an airport. This certificate is paramount in ensuring that the airport complies with all the safety, operational, and regulatory standards necessary for the secure and efficient functioning of aviation facilities.

As for when Mexicana de Aviación will commence flights to Tulum, the exact date remains undisclosed. However, it is expected to be in the early days following the airport’s inauguration, once the operator certificate has been secured.

In the interim, airlines such as Aeroméxico and Viva Aerobus have taken the lead by already offering tickets for travel to the new Tulum Airport, set to be inaugurated on December 1, 2023. Travel enthusiasts can already plan their journeys to this exciting new destination. Stay tuned for updates on Mexicana de Aviación’s flights to Tulum as we await the coveted operator certificate that will make it all possible.


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