April 6, 2024
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Entrepreneurs in Tulum Stay Resilient Amid Summer Season Challenges

TULUM, Mexico – As the summer vacation season unfolds, the diverse establishments in Tulum affiliated with the National Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Services (Canaco-Servytur) have reported a commendable 70 percent operational activity.

In light of this, Javier Marrufo Nah, President of the Canaco-Servytur Tulum delegation, disclosed that several entrepreneurs’ reports indicate that they haven’t reached the anticipated statistics for this peak season. Nevertheless, there remains steadfast confidence that the situation can take a positive turn during the remaining stretch of the summer period.

During an interview, Marrufo Nah conveyed that the entrepreneurial sector spanning hotels, restaurants, tour modules, artisans, and various micro-businesses, is unyielding in its efforts. They continue to implement innovative strategies and promotions to attract clients, thereby stimulating economic growth for the betterment of their ventures and employees.

Entrepreneurs in Tulum Stay Resilient Amid Summer Season Challenges

He pointed out that there are still ample days to enhance profits by catering to the tourists who have chosen this enchanting tourist haven for their vacation.

“We are in the heart of the vacation season, and while it hasn’t met the initial expectations for some entrepreneurs, they are actively promoting to engage potential consumers. We are currently operating at approximately 70 percent capacity, yet we remain optimistic about concluding the vacation cycle with a higher percentage, ultimately benefiting the employees and addressing the financial commitments of the entrepreneurs,” he affirmed.

Entrepreneurs in Tulum Stay Resilient Amid Summer Season Challenges

Marrufo Nah further elaborated that they are meticulously evaluating factors that might impede tourist arrivals. As the season draws to a close, industry experts will holistically assess the positive outcomes and any detriments within the tourism landscape.

The business leader underscored that the range of enticing travel offers designed to enthrall visitors to this destination during the summer holiday season persists across various regions of Mexico and other nations.


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