April 6, 2024
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British Airways Explores Tulum Skies

TULUM, Mexico – In a significant development for Tulum’s international connectivity, Miguel Torruco Marqués, the head of the Federal Tourism Secretariat (Sectur), confirmed British Airways’ interest in operating at the Tulum International Airport. This revelation came during his participation in the World Travel Market held in London.

During the event, Marqués engaged with tourism representatives from Quintana Roo and the Tourism Promotion Council (CPTQ). The discussions centered on the importance of attracting English tourists. They provided updates on migration and foreign relations efforts to streamline visa processes for markets such as Brazil, enhancing the entry experience for South American tourists.

In a released statement, Sectur outlined the meeting with Jesús Almaguer Salazar, president of the Association of Hotels in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres. Salazar acknowledged Marqués’s efforts in resolving a migration issue lingering for over 40 years, now in an advanced phase.

Salazar affirmed that these advancements would increase tourist inflow from South America. The ongoing collaborations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Mexican visas were also highlighted.

British Airways Explores Tulum Skies

The encounter celebrated Cancun’s recognition as the Leading City Destination in Mexico and Central America in 2023 and the Leading Beach Destination in Mexico in 2023 at the World Travel Awards 2023. It underscored the unity of Quintana Roo’s tourism sector with Sectur.

Regarding the London event, it was reported that tour operators and airlines from the United Kingdom expressed considerable interest in Mexico’s tourism offerings at the World Travel Market 2023.

Marqués held discussions with British Airways executives, expressing their interest in the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, Tulum International Airport, and the Tren Maya project.

Collaborative efforts were also discussed with Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Morocco’s Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport, and Social Economy, the guest country at WTM 2023. Both parties agreed to work on joint promotion schemes to boost tourist flows between Mexico and Morocco.

British Airways Explores Tulum Skies

Additionally, talks with Sebastián Ebel, CEO of TUI Group, centered on opportunities to increase tourist arrivals in Mexico, given TUI Airways’ significant role in UK-Mexico routes.

Highlighting TUI Airways’ 47.7% stake in UK-Mexico-UK routes from January to September 2023, the Sectur emphasized their importance as key international tour operators, facilitating the arrival of tourists from other European nations.

Finally, Sectur underscored the significance of the British tourism market, ranking fourth in arrivals to Mexico. British tourists, known for their high spending levels, contributed $81.7 billion in expenditures outside their country in 2021, securing the fourth position globally, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


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