April 6, 2024
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ADO’s Double Service to Tulum Airport Starting December

TULUM, Mexico – In the wake of the announcement of several new flight routes to Tulum’s Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, set to commence operations in December, anticipation is mounting as two domestic airlines step into the spotlight. Embarking on this new trajectory, at least two passenger transportation routes are poised to launch from the said Air Terminal. Julio García, the head of Mobility ADO Group, divulged that meticulous route planning is underway in tandem with the airport’s construction timeline, necessitating proactive promotion strategies.

“Engagements with Tulum Airport’s commercial division have been underway, aligning with construction and marketing schedules. Collaborative efforts have been underway to envision the passenger service they are embarking upon,” García remarked. Related Developments Aeroméxico and VivaAerobus Unveil Plans for Flights to Tulum International Airport The executive expressed commitment to fostering connectivity, akin to the networks connecting Cancún Airports and Mexico City’s Felipe Ángeles International Airport. The mission at hand involves not only solidifying links to the municipal seat of Felipe Carrillo Puerto but also the vibrant Tulum community.

ADO's Double Service to Tulum Airport Starting December

“As of the initial stages, these two routes stand at the forefront. Our course of action hinges on their confirmation, the aeronautical traffic. We’re diligently present. This airport might be diminutive in scale, a world apart from Cancún’s, yet undoubtedly, it will allure more tourism to the State,” García asserted. Moreover, García affirmed plans to transport a substantial volume of tourists from Tulum’s Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport to various corners of the state and throughout Mexico. Thus, gauging the necessary investment for commencing operations to cater to the burgeoning demand is imperative.

“We’re in the throes of intricate planning, mapping routes, assessing supply and demand, among other variables. It’s essential to recognize that every facet is a sequential progression, necessitating substantial investments and infrastructure. Myriad considerations are in play, but enthusiasm brims as we embark on this novel undertaking. What better location than Quintana Roo, replete with treasures and tourism,” he elucidated.


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