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AZULIK and Roth Architecture Announce Their First residential Project in Tulum: “Habitable sculptures

Written by Mónica Arellano

The world-renowned brand, AZULIK announces the new project in Tulum, Quintana Roo which confirms its creative expansion and the growth of architectural scope: “Habitable sculptures” its first residential complex that they describe as “a new proposal for lifestyle and sustainable luxury.” The residential initiative was born from the firm Roth Architecture, continuing with the characteristic aesthetic that “puts nature as the protagonist and the user as a priority.”

azulik 3
Azulik Uh May Art Center was the first architectural project where the ideas of Roth Architecture and AZULIK were combined to materialize these concepts and intentions that are described.

This complex seeks to reinterpret the conventional way in which construction and design have been approached to date in contemporary cities and buildings. The project offers as an alternative spaces in which immersion in nature provokes a different experience of living. One of the most important characteristics of this project is that, for the first time, it will be possible to live the AZULIK experience through residences. Tulum Residences promotes the reconnection of people with themselves and with what surrounds them, through ancestral knowledge, nature and art as a way to express human sensitivity.

Roth, CEO and Founder of AZULIK
azulik 2
azulik 2

The spaces are free, flexible and with the possibility of adapting to the needs of each user, playing with light, the interior and exterior areas, and the views of the jungle landscape. The configuration of the building is designed so that each residence has views of the jungle and is fully integrated into the circular and interconnected dynamics of the architectural environment.

The windows generate openness and natural light, which coexist in parallel with an artificial lighting design that enhances the shapes of the structure and creates warm and aesthetically cured environments. The unique aesthetic can be seen in sets of liana ceiling lights, elegant concrete elements, natural textiles, and details that make this integral composition a dynamic home.

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azulik 8

The architectural program of AZULIK Residences includes a land area of 1.5 Ha, 4 Towers, 88 apartments, wellness amenities that include a jungle gym and yoga shala, a selection of art curated by SFER IK Museion, as well as social amenities that include a restaurant, bar, pools, boutique and fire pit.

azulik 1
azulik 1

Each building offers ten types of apartments, with options starting at 90 square meters up to 300 square meters. All units have their own terrace, some with rooftops, fire pits, and plunge. The Roth Design interior offers a furniture customization service and decorative and artistic pieces that accompany it. The craftsmanship of AZULIK’s creative experts provides the brand’s iconic style while generating an experience adapted to each profile in a slow-living philosophy.

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Architecture Project: Roth Architecture
President: Roth
Architectural Director: Irene del Valle de la Sen
Program: Residential
Land Area: 1.5 ha
Design Date: 2021-2022
Status: In design
Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Project Manager: Bryant Arteaga and Alejandra Vargas
Architecture Design Team: Federico González, Eduardo Galkin, Christopher Landeros, Alejandro Mena, Laura Ospina, Leonardo Ramírez and Ana Karla Ramos
Interior Director: Abigail Perez
Interior Manager: Valeria Prydnikova
Interior Design Team: Fernanda Arenas

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