April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Museum Is A Glimpse into Time’s Embrace along Tren Maya

TULUM, México – The construction of two distinguished museums within the ambit of the Tren Maya project has surged forward, as declared by Diego Prieto Hernández, the esteemed director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

In a press conference held on a Monday morning, President López Obrador and Prieto came together to shed light on the latest advancements gracing these novel sites.

Amid the ongoing construction efforts for the grand Tren Maya endeavor, an array of newfound archaeological treasures has emerged, all poised to find a home within the hallowed walls of two groundbreaking museums. (Martín Zetina/Cuartoscuro)

The Tulum Museum, poised serenely within the evolving embrace of the Jaguar National Park, is set to beckon visitors on a transcendent journey through time. Prieto divulges that the skeletal framework of the museum’s exhibit narrative, akin to a visual compass guiding one from room to room, has achieved an impressive 90% completion rate.

Tulum's Museum Is A Glimpse into Time's Embrace along Tren Maya

Meanwhile, the enigmatic Calakmul Museum is poised to unveil a trove of archaeological wonders, bearing testimony to the tireless efforts of countless specialists. “Calakmul,” Prieto asserts, “shall bestow upon its visitors a glimpse into the myriad artifacts born from their fervent excavations.”

Within the heart of the Calakmul archaeological site, a museum shall emerge, mirroring the pulse of history itself. The INAH’s announcement rings with promise as they affirm that the hitherto separated museum shall soon be one with the site it venerates. Prieto reveals that research strides in this domain encompass a commendable 22%, with infrastructure and signage achieving respective milestones of 20% and 10% completion.

Tulum's Museum Is A Glimpse into Time's Embrace along Tren Maya

Eager to captivate history enthusiasts, Prieto extends his discourse to encompass the unfolding narrative within Sections 5, 6, and 7 of the Tren Maya route. These sacred precincts, graced by the auspices of the Archaeological Zones Improvement Program (Promeza), embody the government’s endeavor to rejuvenate historical marvels in preparation for a burgeoning tourist influx.

In a symphony of collaboration, archaeologists partaking in the Promeza initiative have unveiled a bounty of over 35,000 ruins and structures, coupled with an astonishing 500 artifacts, 200,000 ceramic fragments, 106 tombs, and more than 1600 affiliated natural elements. Prieto reflects, “It is undeniable that these realms have borne witness to a cornucopia of vestiges, spanning ruins, dwellings, pathways, terraces, residential units, palaces, and other architectural opuses.”

Tulum's Museum Is A Glimpse into Time's Embrace along Tren Maya

He artfully continues, “The resurrection of these material relics shall usher forth a fresh perspective on the destined course of the Mayan civilization, resplendent within our domain.”


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