April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Artisans Shine in Chuuy K’kaab Competition

TULUM, Mexico – The skilled hands of Tulum’s artisans once again took the spotlight at the prestigious state-level competition, Chuuy K’kaab, a cultural event held in Chetumal. This competition witnessed the participation of a significant number of embroiderers from the 11 municipalities in the region.

Bady Gómez Soberano, the Director of Economics, proudly announced that 18 artisans from Tulum showcased their talents in this esteemed event, with three of them achieving remarkable success. Here’s how they fared in their respective categories:

Tulum's Artisans Shine in Chuuy K’kaab Competition

1. First Place in the “Innovative Garment with Antique or Traditional Hand Embroidery” Category:

  • Florinda Aban Nahuat, an artisan from Chanchen 1.

2. Second Place in the “Textile Weaving Craftsmanship” Category:

  • Maria Candelaria Yam Yeque, an artisan from Manuel Antonio Ay.

3. Third Place in the “Traditional Attire with Machine Embroidery” Category:

  • Virgilio May May, an artisan from Hondzonot.

The competition’s panel of judges meticulously evaluated and assessed the standards and quality of each garment. As the deliberations concluded, these talented artisans were rightfully honored for their outstanding work.

Tulum's Artisans Shine in Chuuy K’kaab Competition

It’s worth noting that Diego Castañón Trejo, the Mayor of Tulum, is a staunch advocate for culture and craftsmanship. He continues to champion the path of transformation, promoting self-employment, and ensuring that Tulum’s creations are recognized not only within the state but also throughout the country and the world.

Tulum's Artisans Shine in Chuuy K’kaab Competition

This remarkable success at the Chuuy K’kaab competition not only shines a spotlight on the exceptional talents of Tulum’s artisans but also underscores the municipality’s commitment to preserving and promoting its rich cultural heritage. These artisans are not just creating beautiful works of art; they are also ambassadors for Tulum’s cultural legacy, ensuring that it remains vibrant and celebrated.


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