April 6, 2024
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Tulum will support local merchants with promotion in tourism fairs

The General Directorate of Tourism and Economy of Tulum is calling local merchants to promote their products and services in national and international tourism events such as tours, fairs and expositions, through this agency.

Jorge Mario Molina Perez, General Director of Tourism and Economy, stated that this call for participation has a permanent character and is accompanied by an electronic, telephonic and personal invitation to all the tourist, commercial and handicraft offer of the entire municipality of Tulum.

Tulum will support local merchants with promotion in tourism fairs

The invitation is for micro, small and large businesses to bring their printed materials, brochures, folders, videos and business cards to the office in charge of promoting them. There is no limit on the number of videos, although he recommended that commercially a good video should last between one and five minutes; however, there are short 30-second reels and other 15-second reels that are eye-catching.

The objective is to integrate a social-economic fabric that results in a greater economic flow and an effective and above all free communication as part of the services provided by the Center for Tourist Information and Municipal Business Attention (CITAEM).

Mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal has ordered to further strengthen the integration of the services offered and to create a large database, which also helps to be closer to the entire business, artisan and tourist community.

Tulum will support local merchants with promotion in tourism fairs

Those interested can go to CITAEM, located next to the municipal palace, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or send their digital material to dg.turismoyeconomia@tulum.gob.mx.

“The General Directorate of Tourism and Economy of the Tulum City Hall is launching a participation campaign for all merchants and tourism service providers in the municipality of Tulum in order to receive all their printed or digital promotional materials so that from the different events, fairs, exhibitions and tours we can communicate to state, local and international markets the whole of the commercial and handicraft tourism offer present in the Mayan Caribbean region,” said Molina Perez.

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