April 6, 2024
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Tulum Welcomes Its First International German School

TULUM, Mexico – On a bright morning around 9:00 AM, against the picturesque backdrop of Tulum Country Club’s sprawling grounds, a momentous event unfolded – the official inauguration of the Riviera Maya’s first-ever International German School.

Gathered in the presence of parents, students, key members of the Mexican-German School Board, and honored guests, including Mr. Diego Castañon, the municipal president of Tulum, a significant gathering marked the commencement of the 2023-2024 academic year.

Addressing the assembly, Álvaro Moya, the Director-General of Tulum Country Club, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the distinguished guests’ attendance and underscored the commitment to collaboration between the school and the country club. Together, they strive to bring forth a future-oriented educational excellence to this enchanting destination.

Tulum Welcomes Its First International German School

Speaking passionately, Álvaro Moya stated, “Tulum has risen to prominence as a global tourist hotspot. The exponential growth experienced by this region has transformed the municipality into more than just a tourist haven; it’s now a coveted residential sanctuary. As a result, there’s been a palpable surge in demand for essential services, urban infrastructure, and most importantly, top-notch education.”

Recognizing this demand and aligning themselves as pioneers in real estate development with an undeniable influence on the region, Álvaro further enthused, “We’re thrilled to be part of this inauguration, a milestone that unveils a school with a capacity for 1,000 students, offering unparalleled educational programs and services.”

Tulum Welcomes Its First International German School

With the celebratory event drawing to a close, attendees embarked on a guided tour of the state-of-the-art campus. This groundbreaking project not only caters to the educational needs of Tulum Country Club’s resident community but also extends a hand to uplift educational standards across the entire Riviera Maya. This region houses a substantial population that currently seeks novel educational avenues.

“In launching this initiative, Grupo Piñero’s real estate division actively contributes to the economic and social growth of the local community. This endeavor reflects our steadfast commitment to fostering growth and innovation as core elements of our strategy. By forging partnerships with top-tier international collaborators, we continue to introduce new products and services across various domains,” affirmed Álvaro.

Tulum Welcomes Its First International German School

In conclusion, the inauguration event symbolized not only the opening of an institution but also a step forward in empowering the Riviera Maya with globally recognized educational options. As the sun cast its golden glow over the ceremony, it was evident that this venture aligned with Tulum’s overarching transformation from a travel hotspot to an enduring residential and educational haven.

By Lorena Herrasti.


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