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July 25, 2024
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Tulum presents

Tulum presents “Made in Tulum” website at FITUR 2023

Tulum presents "Made in Tulum" website at FITUR 2023

“The Made in Tulum website is a tool that promotes the identity and quality of the Mayan Caribbean among potential clients from the five continents, as instructed by municipal president Marciano Dzul Caamal,” said the general director of Tourism and Economy, Jorge Mario Molina Perez.

During the third day of promotion at the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (FITUR), the Tulumán delegation broke a record by holding 60 business meetings for the benefit of the Mayan Caribbean tourism region, and in the same vein, presented the official portal where national and international buyers can connect, without intermediaries, with Tulumán producers.

“Investors, businessmen, media, academic institutions, government entities and professionals have visited the stand of the Tulum City Hall to receive attention and tourist and commercial orientation, and of course Tulum is Tulum”, said the official.

According to Molina Perez, there are currently 400 products in the catalog produced by women and men from eight communities in Tulum. Among the categories that can be purchased in said portal, agro-food, cosmetics, leather and feather products, stone and ceramics, textiles and jewelry stand out.

“Currently, the site benefits 35 brands of individuals and companies formally incorporated in the municipality. It is an effort that, in addition to the economic benefits, reconciles family labor relations and revalues the cultural and creative heritage of the municipality,” said the official.

Tulum captivates in Madrid with its humanism, sustainability and innovation.
In order for a producer, artisan, writer, designer or creative from Tulum to be part of this catalog, the interested party must meet three requirements: their product or service must be made in the municipality, their fiscal domicile must be in Tulum, and they must be registered in the Sole Registry of Producers.

“Municipal President Marciano Dzul Caamal has asked us to seek all possible means, all available technology, to promote what is made in Tulum, because the art and sensitivity of the people of Tulum enhance the cultural and natural wealth of our municipality,” added Molina Perez.

The address of the new portal is www.hechoentulum.com.mx and in social networks it can be found as @Hechoentulum and the tourism account @Tulumwelcomesyou.

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