April 6, 2024
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Tulum Beer Festival 2023, A Celebration of Craft Brews and Cultural Fusion

TULUM, México – Tulum is gearing up for an exceptional event that promises to delight beer enthusiasts and families alike. The highly anticipated 2023 Beer Festival is set to take place on Friday, July 28, and Saturday, July 29, in the vibrant surroundings of Hunab Plaza. The municipal authorities of Tulum, along with esteemed organizers and invited exhibitors, came together today in a press conference to announce the grand unveiling of this inaugural festival.

The press conference was graced by the presence of Bady Gómez Soberanis, the municipal director of the economy. Soberanis, in his address, revealed that the festival would showcase over 10 prominent craft beer exhibitors and industry leaders, while also offering an array of engaging activities for the whole family.

Tulum Beer Festival 2023, A Celebration of Craft Brews and Cultural Fusion

Among the notable participants, the spotlight will be on Nicte Kaab, a revered company known for producing artisanal beers crafted by enterprising individuals from the local Mayan community of Chanchen Primero. The exhibition of this brand at the event has the potential to create a commercial pathway that extends from the state level to the national and international arenas.

“This event is a testament to private initiative, in this case, Hunab Plaza, which aims to establish its presence and foster connections with both residents and tourists,” stated the official. It is expected that around 500 people, including locals as well as national and foreign tourists, will attend each day.

In a move to support local artisans, Hunab Plaza has generously provided 15 spaces for them to showcase their products during the festival and on subsequent weekends. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to elevate the visibility of the “Made in Tulum” brand, seizing the opportunity presented by such events to propel its recognition.

Tulum Beer Festival 2023, A Celebration of Craft Brews and Cultural Fusion

The organizers disclosed that the entry fee per person will be set at 100 pesos, which includes two servings of artisanal beer. Additionally, there will be special packages priced at 89 dollars, offering accommodation at the renowned Motto hotel, part of the esteemed Hilton chain, along with complimentary beverages and meals. The festival will also feature a diverse range of activities, including energy cleansing sessions, traditional Mayan dance performances, and musical presentations encompassing genres like reggae and rock.

As the 2023 Beer Festival draws near, Tulum residents and tourists alike eagerly anticipate the opportunity to immerse themselves in an enchanting atmosphere, celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of local brewers while enjoying the finest brews the region has to offer. With its idyllic setting and an impressive lineup of participants, this festival is poised to become a highlight on the cultural calendar of Tulum and beyond.


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