April 6, 2024
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Tomorrowland’s CORE Stage Rocks Tulum

TULUM, México – Renowned for its immersive, larger-than-life stages at festivals around the globe, Tomorrowland has raised the bar yet again. The inaugural 2024 event in Tulum marked the debut of the new CORE stage, a spectacle that captivated over 16,000 dance music enthusiasts in Tulum’s lush jungle. This isn’t just another music festival; it’s a multisensory extravaganza, blending cutting-edge audiovisuals with an eclectic mix of artists.

This past weekend, the CORE Tulum stage featured a stellar lineup including Disclosure, Boys Noize, HAAi, and Mind Against. But it wasn’t merely about the music. The event offered a feast for the senses, with the stage itself being a marvel of engineering. Despite its massive size — 17 meters in height and 30 meters in width — it’s designed for touring, ingeniously fitting into a single shipping container.

The uniqueness of the CORE stage lies not only in its structure but also in its adornments. Enhanced by strobes, LED lights, bars, washes, and fireworks fountains, the stage comes alive at night, creating a sky-lit spectacle. Additions like fog machines, bubble smoke machines, CO2 cannons, and water fountains elevate the audience experience, immersing them in a world of sensory delight.

Tomorrowland's CORE Stage Rocks Tulum

For those who missed the debut, another chance awaits on January 20th. The stage will host artists like Vintage Culture, Agents Of Time, Brina Knauss, and Kölsch, promising another round of house and techno rhythms. The success of CORE Tulum suggests that this stage will be a recurring feature at Tomorrowland events worldwide, including the flagship edition in July.

Tickets for the upcoming weekend of CORE Tulum are now available. The event represents a convergence of technology, music, and artistry, epitomizing the cutting-edge nature of Tomorrowland festivals. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website for tickets and follow Tomorrowland on social media for updates.

Tomorrowland's CORE Stage Rocks Tulum

Tomorrowland’s expansion into Tulum aligns with the festival’s ethos of creating unique experiences in exotic locations. Tulum, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant cultural scene, provides an ideal backdrop for such an event. The festival not only showcases international talent but also brings significant economic and cultural benefits to the region, reinforcing Tulum’s position as a global destination for music and culture.

Tomorrowland's CORE Stage Rocks Tulum

The introduction of the CORE stage in Tulum is a testament to Tomorrowland’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the festival circuit. As it continues to evolve, Tomorrowland remains at the forefront of delivering unparalleled musical experiences to audiences worldwide.


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