April 6, 2024
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Preserving Heritage with Sedatu’s Museum Initiative in Tulum’s Jaguar Park

TULUM, México – In a significant move to enrich the cultural landscape of Tulum’s Jaguar Park, the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development (Sedatu) has embarked on the construction of a state-of-the-art museum and vital infrastructure facilities. This development comes as part of the ambitious Central Access project, promising to be a beacon of heritage and innovation in the region.

Led by the esteemed Román Meyer Falcón, the Secretary of Sedatu, the Central Access project will span an impressive 56,000 square meters, with 16,000 of those meticulously covered. At its core, the project aims to showcase the profound influence of the ancient Mayan civilization while incorporating contemporary elements that echo the spirit of modernity.

Preserving Heritage with Sedatu's Museum Initiative in Tulum's Jaguar Park

Among the prominent features planned for the Central Access are dedicated administrative offices, a visitor center, a traditional smoke kitchen, ample parking space, and a hub for electric buses—an eco-conscious touch that aligns with the growing global movement for sustainability.

The heart of this visionary initiative is undoubtedly the museum, set to be an architectural masterpiece in its own right. Designed to immerse visitors in the wonders of Mayan culture, the museum will serve as a gateway to the region’s rich history, art, and traditions, ensuring that the heritage remains alive for generations to come.

Preserving Heritage with Sedatu's Museum Initiative in Tulum's Jaguar Park

The investment for this grand undertaking stands at an impressive 600 million Mexican pesos, a testament to the government’s commitment to preserving and promoting the nation’s cultural heritage.

Crucially, the location of the Jaguar Park’s development has been chosen with foresight and connectivity in mind. Notably, it will establish a seamless link with the Tulum station of the revered Tren Maya, a move that will not only facilitate access for tourists but also stimulate the region’s tourism economy. Furthermore, the project’s coordination with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) underscores a collective determination to safeguard the natural, cultural, and historical wealth of this cherished region.

Preserving Heritage with Sedatu's Museum Initiative in Tulum's Jaguar Park

As part of the comprehensive project, six public beach access points will be incorporated, enriching the experience for all park visitors. Two of these access points are already under construction, while four existing ones undergo significant refurbishment.


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