April 6, 2024
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Day Zero Lights Up Tulum’s Jungle for stunning 2023 festival

One of the world’s most acclaimed dance music parties, the transformative and mesmerizing Day Zero, recently landed in Tulum.

Founded by veteran DJ and house music producer Damian Lazarus, Day Zero made its debut back in 2012, celebrating the end of the Mayan calendar. The event has been enchanting Tulum’s electronic music enthusiasts with its hypnotic live production for a little over a decade now, blitzing the jungle’s lush canopies with polychromatic lasers and sultry dance music.

Day Zero 2023 took place deep inside Tulum’s jungle on January 9th. The fest featured three stages and over 18 hours of techno and house music while celebrating Lazarus’ renowned Crosstown Rebels imprint.

The impressive mainstage ran from 4PM to the wee hours of the morning and boasted captivating performances from AMÉMÉ, Jan Blomqvist, Bedouin, Jamie Jones and Lazarus. A special B2B performance from the two acclaimed DJs extended to noon the next day, which left fans aching for more.

Day Zero Lights Up Tulum's Jungle for stunning 2023 festival

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