April 6, 2024
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Awaré: Love Academy Concert Circle Series

Love Academy launches a new series of events with a new architecture of energy flow.
Be part of a night to remember where Silence is the first Language, after this
comes the Awaré Language a democratic harmony of understanding, which
plays with our hearts as a third member of this brilliant duo.

Awaré: Love Academy Concert Circle Series

About Awaré:

Bogdan Djukic of classical bases with folk influences and Matías Da Vía, a self-taught musician come together on a life journey exploring the subtle space in music and touching the strings of the mind/heart connection in the congruent resonance of individual and global truth His artistic expression and his exploration of sound make the duo an exquisite experience of deep and emotional rhythms

Espíritu Bar Emocional

The Espíritu elixirs are designed to vigorously equalize the emotions that the sound journey of this experience, we recommend buying in advance since the sale on the day of the event will be limited and with a 50% higher price.

In case you do not have paypal account, and you are interested in assisting to our event, please email us to info@loveacademy.org Each tier has a limited number of tickets, as soon as each tier is sold out, the cost will increase to the next one.

Schedule subject to change without prior notice.
Not refundable tickets.
Tickets are personal and not transferable.
Take your id with you on the day of the event. Our security team can reserve the right to admit in case the id information does not match with the ticket name.
If you need any change in your ticket information, please write to us at info@loveacademy.org
The event venue will be included in your ticket description.


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