AWARÉ Beach Concert in Tulum

July 12, 2024
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AWARÉ Beach Concert in Tulum

AWARÉ Beach Concert in Tulum

AWARÉ Beach Concert in Tulum

IKAL is honored to host A W A R É this Saturday, January 7th. Music that guides you back to yourself and sounds created from an open heart, seeking to be in service of people, to help you feel something, to reflect and inspire through vibration.

The talents behind A W A R É, Matias Da Via and Bogdan Djukic create music as a service to humanity. Moving, sensitive music makes an evocative journey of sensuality, spirituality, rhythm, and emotion.

AWARÉ Beach Concert in Tulum
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“A duo of dear friends joining in a life journey, exploring the subtle space in music & playing the strings of the mind-heart connection in a congruent resonance of individual and global truth.”

Why we choose this date?

1/7/2023 (2+2+3=7) the number of this year and the path to joy with our Seven Steps To Happiness!


On the strings of the violin played by Bogdan are born the memories of the subconscious that speak to the interior of each participant. His music serves as a bridge that connects the voice with the breath and the colors of sound. In an experience that becomes an eclectic integration of sensualities, Bogdan is the one who links all the parts that make the journey complete. His classical music bases, combined with the original sounds of folklore, take us to the ancestral notes of the universal language, which connects with the deepest senses of the being.

AWARÉ Beach Concert in Tulum
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In his way of composing, intuition plays a fundamental role, which allows him to discover immediately and spontaneously the subtlety of the material spaces, but also those of the interior, those of introspection. Each note has a profound impact on what surrounds us and overcoming the language of words, which distances us, he summons the language that resonates in the senses: the language of musicality, to intend and orient it to collective healing.


Matias has contact with the potential of the voice, with the healing that comes from the center of the being. Channeling it, he connects with the most intimate essence of those who listen to him. His voice serves as a travel guide, which stimulates, orients, and detonates, sonorously, essential points of introspection.

AWARÉ Beach Concert in Tulum
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Born in Argentina, Matias has an intuitive way with musicality, one that is born from being self-taught, someone who delved from sensoriality to artistic expression.

His exploration into the power of sound and frequencies has as its mission to reconnect audiences with their inner voice, helping them to recognize themselves and allow them to find in themselves their musicality, the notes of their being.

Fecha y hora:
Sáb. 7 de enero de 2023, 19:00 – 21:00
Hora estándar del este de Norteamérica hora de México (Cancún)

IKAL TULUM HOTEL Playa Maya zona arqueológica de Tulum, ROO 77780

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